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The Fate of Surplus Pets

What happens to this "surplus"? Most of them die. Some of the fortunate animals end up in shelters, where trained caregivers make every effort to find them new homes. But the numbers tell a tragic story. There are many more pets in shelters than there are people able to provide permanent, responsible, loving homes. Millions of pets are euthanized every year for one painfully simple, tragic, and preventable reason: no one wants them. This is a heartbreaking waste of a life. SPAY and NEUTER your pets to help with the over population and the senseless deaths of many animals. With your help we will work together to try and rescue as many of these kitties as we can before their time runs out. If there is one on the page that you would like to sponsor or adopt please Contact us immediately.

We do not have a shelter and we are in no way affiliated with Woodbridge Twp. Animal Shelter.

Transport Kittens/Cats

Many shelters throughout the country are faced with the intake of more cats/kittens than they can find homes for. Whiskers in Waiting works with shelters in 7 states which are classified as "high kill" in order to help find homes for their surplus of adoptable cats/kittens. We have a network of Whiskers in Waiting volunteers who live near the shelters we assist in order to provide temporary "at home" foster care. We refer to these cats/kittens as "Transport" because they are not local, but we will make arrangements to transport them to Woodbridge, NJ for an approved adopter. The transport is done by a network of Whiskers in Waiting volunteers who drive "legs" of the trip and care for the cats/kittens while they are on the road.

URGENT Kittens/Cats

These are cats/kittens who are still living in the high kill shelter because our foster homes are full. These cats and kittens have a very limited amount of time left to be rescued or they will be euthanized. If Whiskers in Waiting can locate an approved adopter, the cats/kittens will be removed from the shelter immediately, receive their vaccinations, worming and anything else they might require to ensure they are healthy. They will placed on the next available transport to Woodbridge, NJ.

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Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers that work on most aspects of rescue including, but not limited to; local TNR and managing several colonies, local adoptions on Saturdays, rescue and transport from high kill shelters around the country. We will try to help you with finding the purfect kitty for you!

We strongly recommend that unless you are willing to put in the time and commitment with a baby kitten that you look towards an older cat of about a year old. Baby kittens take a lot of work. Many come to us with health problems and unknown histories. We do everything possible to ensure these babies are healthy when they arrive to you, but baby kittens get stressed very easily. Stress causes them to break with such things as kitty colds (URI) and diarrhea. While these are not life threatening they do take work, time and commitment on your part.

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