Is is with a heavy heart that I need to close Pitter Patter Pocket Pets down for a LITTLE while. We have moved into a place that I cannot run the rescue out of. I will continue to rescue small fur animals and work closely with Rat Chick Rat Rescue. All of the rats on my page are safe and sound with Maria at RRRR. We will re-open soon. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Maria. I will help where I can and continue to save the little ones. As of now I know Maria NEEDS foster families for her rescue rats. If you can help please contact one of us. Check back soon as I will up-date you with our progress. Thank you for you support and prayers. Take care and God bless.


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Pitter Patter Pocket Pets

Our Adoptable Pet List

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This little rattie is Dopper. He is about 6 months old and is a black hooded rex. Being a rex he has soft wavy hair and cute curly wiskers. Dopper came into the rescue with his brothers and sisters and is the last one looking for love. He is very sweet and loves to be held and ride around on his persons shoulder He has had a few cagemates and has been friendly to all of them. Dopper would love to find a home with a fe buddies to play with. Please check him out and don't forget to see our other pets looking for homes.

SMALL ANIMAL SITTING: Going away on vacation and nobody will be home to watch the little critters??? Pitter Patter Pocket Pets is now offering pet sitting while you are away. Email for prices and more information



Having a party, special occasion or just having some friends over? Why

not have Pitter Patter Party Pets entertained your guests? We will bring

our rescued pets to your function and give a brief description of each

animal catered to the age of your guests. Each guest will have a chance

to touch each pet and have their picture taken with a pet of their choice.

They can take the picture home with them that day! We will beat all

competitorsí prices. We will also do our best to accommodate the

theme of your function. Please email us with any questions and

party pricing. Mention you are a previous adopter of one of our pets

and receive 10% off your party. Mention you learned about our

program from this website and receive 5% off. A portion of the

proceeds from each party will be used to help the rescue care for

the animals while in our care. What could be better than having us

at your party while helping the rescue at the same time???????


Keep checking back for upcoming events!!!! The 6th Annual Fab Rat and Animal Friends Festival The South Phila. Older Adult Center Sat., June 6th 10th and Passyunk Ave. 1:00 to 4:00 Tables are available for Animal adoption and advocacy groups, vegan food vendors and non-animal products crafts. For more info please contact

Who We Are

Pitter Patter Pocket Pets is dedicated to finding homeless small animals of all ages, fur~ever homes. All of our pocket pets are socialized and loved while in our rescue. Our rats must be adopted in pairs or have a cage mate waiting for them as rats are extremely social animals. Rats make great pets for people of all ages. Our ferrets also love to have a buddy to play with but some are single because they chose to be single, meaning they do not like to share their person or living space with other ferrets.. My own children love walking around with the rats on their shoulders. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. We are also in need of foster homes. Donations are greatly appreciated.

The rescue works together with the foster homes to rescue small animals from kill shelters and find them loving, forever homes. Pitter Patter Pocket Pets is also dedicated to the prevention of unwanted litters. All proceeds from donations go toward our rescued animals daily and veterinary care. Our pet list includes companion animals who are in need of loving families!



FOSTER HOMES We are in desperate need of foster homes. We have 6 adult rats that need someone to work with them as they have never had a loving hoe to call their own. Please help if you can. We are ALWAYS in need of new foster homes!!! We will supply the cage, water bottle, food dishes and of course the pets. We also handle all the medical care should it arise as well as the phone calls and emails so you wouldn't have to deal with the public. There is also no commitment with fostering. You can foster as long or as short as you would like. All you would have to do is supply the bedding, food and LOVE.


Fleece blankets

Aspen/woodlypellet/Carefresh bedding

Rat food


Water bottles


Rat/Ferret toys


SMALL CAGES FOR SALE: We have quite a few small used cages for sale that are ideal for travel cages. They are not good to house your pocket pet in permanently, but they are great for short periods of time. If you would be interested in buying one, please email us for more information.

Cozy Critter Cubes and hammocks!!!- Jens Custom Crafts

MANY THANKS TO OUR FOSTER HOMES: We have 2 foster homes in Maple Shade, NJ! We have a foster home in Berlin and Eastampton, NJ THANK YOU!

HUNDREDS OF LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED so far because of PPPP and it's rescuers. Most animals are saved from local animal shelters where they are in danger of being euthanized.

THE RESCUE CURRENTLY HOUSES over 5 little ones waiting for forever homes. Only same-sex pairs or singles will be adopted out.


Buttons, Jane and Daisy adopted 4~24~09

Dolfi and Orville adopted 4~26~09

Deogie and Dobber aopted 4~23~09

Orca and Sparkey adopted 4~24~09

Willie and Pilsner adopted 3~13~09

Buffet and Bink adopted 3~30~09

SPONSORS PPPP is looking for Sponsors for the rescue of pocket pets. If you love rats, ferrets, hamster and other small animals, but cannot have one, please email or call me about being a "Pocket Pet Sponsor". You will be helping in the care of a rescue pet. Any amount will help greatly! Even if we only get $1 from every person that visits!! Click Here to Sponsor a pet Online!

PPPP has been lucky enough to recieved donations from some EXTREMELY kind people. My Goose Moose family has sent the rescue rattie food and hammocks, and fleece blankets. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much. WIth the current economic status we have fallen on hard times and with out the kindness of my Goose Moose family I do not know where we would be. The hammocks are made with love and great quality. PLEASE check out this site to order your own hammocks. Your pocket pets will LOVE the tubes, cubes and blankets. All the profits will go towards making more hammocks for other rescues. Here's the link.,com_smf/Itemid,118/forum,rat/topic,4052228.0

Adopting a friend

Please copy and paste this application into your email and send it to

Todayís Date:



City, State, Zip:

Daytime phone #:

Evening phone #:

Email address:

Name of pet you are inquiring about:


Do you have a preference in the sex of your new pet?



No preference ______

2.Do you have a preference in the age of your new pet?

Under 1 year:

1- 3 years:

3.What is your reason for wanting a new pet?

4.What other pets have you considered?

5.Which of the following best describes your current residence?

_____Own a home

_____Rent/Lease a home

_____Other Please Explain


6.Approximately how many hours each day will your new pet receive attention?

____1 hour or less

___ More than 1 hour but less than three

____More than 3 hours but less than six

7. Where will your pet reside when:

You are at home:

You are not at home:

8.How many people currently live at your residence? (Please list each below)

Name, Age and Relation to you:







9. List any pets you previously owned and any pets currently residing in your home. If no longer owned, please list what happened to them.

Name, Breed, Sex, Age, How long owned, Kept where :







10.Does anyone in your household have any known allergies to animals?


_____Yes, please describe


11.Do you have a veterinarian that you have used before and plan to use with your new pet?

____We are currently looking for a good vet for rats.



if yes please provide us with your veterinarians name, location and phone number below ______________________________________________________

12.How often will your pet receive veterinary care?

13.How much do you think it will cost you to care for and feed your new pet each year?

15.Have you ever owned this type of pet before?

16.If you answered no to the question above, would you like us to recommend a veterinarian in your area?



17.What type and size cage will you use for your new pet? Please describe.

18.What will you use to line the bottom of the cage for your pet?

19.Are you aware that some types of small animals may need to have their nails checked and trimmed regularly?

20.Who will clip the animalís nails if necessary?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Please understand that due to the high demand of animals in need and our continuing need to assist them, in order to adopt a pet from us, a donation fee is asked and greatly appreciated to help defray the costs associated with the foster care and placement of a new pet. Additionally, we will check your references and we may require a home visit before an adoption can be approved. Please understand that the steps we take to adopt a new pet into a new home are done to protect the pet from any further upset. There is an adoption fee for this animal.


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