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TRISTIAN  formerly #777 of the 3/13/13 Camelot Group arrived "home" here at HHER on 3/16. Thank You to everyone who helped make it possible. Tristan's former owner stated post-sale that he has EPM. We fundraised for his purchase and the costs for his quarantine, EPM testing and treatment. Blood was pulled on 3/20 and we await the results. Tristan’s teeth were floated yesterday (3/26).

Please consider a donation towards "Tristan". NO amount is too small!! Paypal: Hheartsequine@optonline.net ** Mail: Helping Hearts, PO Box 342, Perrineville, NJ 08535

Adopting A Friend

These are the basic guidelines for adoption --

We take applications on a case-by-case basis as we want to ensure a good match of horse and adoptor.  Upon approval of the Application,  we initially sign a Conditional Adoption Contract.  After 6 months and  a vet exam, we can complete a Final Transfer Contract. 

Both the Conditional Contract and Final Transfer Contract stipulate that HHER gets right of first refusal on the horse; and that the horse is never to be conveyed via dealer, auction, meat-man, etc.  In the event of the death of the adoptor, the estate is to return the equine to Helping Hearts. . .

If we waive our right of first refusal, we do require that the subsequent owner/buyer also contracts with us, to ensure the horse's continued safety. 


  • Failure to complete all questions completely will delay or deny your application. Please feel free to attach additional information about you and the kind of horse you are looking for to expedite your application.
  • Please include a $20 Processing Fee with your Placement Application.  This fee is non-refundable.
  • Once your application is approved, you must make arrangements to finalize the adoption by executing the Conditional Adoption Contract, paying his adoption fee and arrange transport of your new horse within 7 days.  Until this accomplished, he will still be available to other potential adoptors.
  • If possession of the horse is not arranged within the 7 day period, adoptor will be responsible for the continued care costs of the horse, which are $385/mo or $12/day until he leaves our facility. 
  • The Adoption Contract will be a “Conditional Adoption Contract”.  Ownership of the horse remains with HHER for 6 months to ensure a safe and mutually satisfying placement for both the horse and the Adoptor.  A Final Transfer will be effected with the submission of a acceptable Veterinary Report (we supply form)
  • IN addition, we request that all Adoptors adhere to Helping Hearts Equine Rescue’s “Standards of Care” in caring for their adopted equine.  A copy of our standards of care is attached to this Application for your review and understanding and it is made part of the Adoption Contract. 

Who We Are

Mission Statement:

"Helping Hearts Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit animal welfare organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey.  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of equines in need; assisting equines in situations of neglect, abuse or threat of slaughter located in, but not necessarily limited to Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties - in our home state of New Jersey.  To educate the public regarding the standards of care required to maintain an equine as a riding partner and/or companion animal in a humane manner."

Our Goals:

(1)  Accept into our program equines in need;

(2)  Assist in the placement of equines under the care of private owners who can no longer maintain them;

(3)  Provide necessary management, veterinary and farrier care for those equines under our protection;

(4)  Rehabilitate and adopt out equines to suitable homes as sport-horse prospects; pleasure riding prospects or as retirement/companion animals;

(5)  Obtain sponsorships for those equines who maintain a permanent residency within the auspices of our organization;

(6)  To provide all animals under our care with a comfortable and dignified existence without pain or suffering.  If and when physical and medical circumstances no longer allow that comfortable life; to let them go gently and kindly with a humane veterinary-assisted euthanasia.

Registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs -

A searchable database that lists the approximately 20,000 charitable organizations registered by the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs can be found online at www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/charity/chardir.htm . A financial synopsis is posted online for each registered organization. Additional information and copies of complete financial filings can be obtained by calling the Charities Registration Unit at 973-504-6215.

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