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Who We Are

**************************************************************** We realize, in a logical perspective, that we are not going to be able to broadly change the World..

But, we know we can be an advocate of change. .

We know that we can not rescue every animal in need, but little by little, we can help one animal at a time.

We know we CAN make a difference!

***************************************************************** Nice Dog Rescue works cooperatively with 4 individual sister rescuers who rescue adoptable dogs from high-kill facilities. All adoptable companion animals are completely vetted, they complete a quarantine period of 2>3 weeks each to ensure their health is never in question, and then are transported to pre-screened adoptive families & no-kill shelters and rescues located from Washington DC to New York state. IF we can not find responsible homes for all those we rescue each month, we work non-stop to find no-kill rescue groups and shelters for those we still have available, to help us make room for those in emminent danger of being euthanized. Many of these rescued ones are dumped off in rural communities by their owners, or given up because of the current economic crisis or foreclosure on thier homes, or because they must go into a nursing home/care facility and can no longer care for them. Some are merely left behind when their owners move and do not take them with them... thinking 'someone will see them and care for them'. In reality, most are picked up by Animal Control after their neighbor reports that the dog has been abandoned. This is nothing better than neglect and is illegal, irresponsible and inhumane! And so, this is where we come into the picture. It is our mission in life to help as many of those who can not help, nor speak, for themselves as we possibly can manage. It is never-ending and overwhelming, but our spirits soar when we see them meet their new owners who open their hearts and homes to these wonderfully UNconditionally loving & resilient creatures. IF YOU DO NOT FIND AN ADOPTION APPLICATION AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH DOG'S BIO, THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE ONE BELOW:

Adopting a friend

To apply to adopt any dog or puppy from NICE DOG RESCUE, you must read and follow the directions below, closely: ALL INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL CAUSE DELAYS! EACH ANIMAL LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE has a contact person & adoption application or web site link listed at the bottom of their info/bio. For us to expedite your adoption application properly, you must scroll down to the bottom of the animal's bio/info and COPY & PASTE the app into a new email , COMPLETE ALL QUESTIONS and EMAIL the adoption application to the email address listed on their adoption application. Otherwise, your application may go to the wrong party and they will not know who to forward it to. So, to ensure that your application is processed in the proper order, & expediently, please be precise and follow these directions as stated above. ALL INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL CAUSE DELAYS! Thank you, for considering adopting a rescued companion animal..

Upon receipt, we will review your application, check all your references and get back with you as soon as possible..

If approved, we will schedule a convenient time for a home visit, to complete the adoption process..

___________________________________________________ It is necessary that we find the correct furever home for every rescued companion animal in our program.

The completed questionaire will help us to determine the very best companion for you with regard to temperament and energy level of the animal that will best suit your family, your lifestyle and habits and your home environment.




Date: Pet interested in:

1. a. Name of applicant:

b. Spouse/partner's name:

2. Address:

City, State, & zip:

3. How long at this address:

4. Telephone #s:(h)



5. Email address:

6. What member of the family will be taking the MAJOR responsibility for the care of this animal:

7. With whom are you employed:


8. With whom is your spouse /partner employed:

Spouse/partner's occupation:

9. a. # of adults living in this household(pls, list their names, ages and occupations):

b. # of children living in this household(pls, list their names & ages):

c. Is anyone living in this household either pregnant, or trying to become pregnant?

d. Will grandchildren or children of relatives frequently visit the home:

10. What type of environment do you live in: Rural____Suburb____City____

11. What type of housing do you live in: Apt___House___Duplex___Condo____Other____(pls describe)

12. Own or rent:

a. If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to own a companion animal: under 25lbs? over 25lbs?

b. Name and telephone(s)# of landlord:

13. a. What other dogs/cats have you previously owned & what happened to them?(state names, breed, if speutered, reason for giving up, age & cause of death.

b. What other dogs/cats live in your home, currently:(list their breed, sex, age & if speutered):

14. Are there any other types of animals in your home(if so, describe):

15 a. What do you know about the breed in question(please, be sure to research the breed(s) listed for this animal before applying):

16. Are there any specific habits/problems that you are not willing to work with:

17. Do you have any preferences to the sex of the animal: M F No pref

18. How did you hear about our rescue/who referred you to us: 19. a. Do you have a fenced-in yard & is it connected to any door leading from the home(front, back, back and side yards, etc):

b. height of fence & approx dimentions of fenced area:

c. Please, describe your fence(chainlink, wooden stockade, split rail reinforced with wire, field fencing, hog wire, vinyl picket, etc):

d. Any gates? If so, what type(chain-link, wooden stockade,etc) and can they be opened by children:

20. a. If you don't have a fenced-in yard, how will the animal be exercised and be allowed to elliminate:

b. Who will supervise outdoor activities:

c. Do you use any chemicals on your lawn? If so, what brand?

21. Do you have a swimming pool: If so, is it fenced-in separately from the rest of the yard:

22. Do you have:(check all that apply):

Pet door: Kennel run: Dog house: Stake: Tie-out/cable run: Crate:

23. a. Does anyone in your family have allergies to ANY animal:

b. Has anyone in the household ever had a problem with violence, or impulse control? If so, pls explain:

24. What are your plans for this animal: (a) protection/guard:______

(b)companion:______(c)child's pet:_____(d)pet therapy:_____

(e) agility/flyball:_____(f)obedience:______ (g)herding:______ (h)

ranchwork_____ (i)other(pls, explain):

25.(a) Have you ever trained a dog in obedience classes:

(b) Will you take your adopted dog to an obedience class: Y____N___

26. a. Have you ever sold, given away or surrendered a pet? If so, please, provide details of the situation:

b. Under what conditions would you consider giving up your companion animal:

27 a. How much time are you willing to give this animal to adjust to it's new environment and family members:

b. This dog may not be housebroken. Are you willing to take the time to work with the animal:

c. Do you understand that is this dog has any kind or variation of hound breed, you will need to have a securely fenced-in yard or vow to keep the dog on-leash at all times, when out doors?

27. Will the animal live in the home: If not, where?

28. What shelter will be provided outside(dog house, patio/deck with overhang, garage, etc):

29. Where, exactly, will this animal sleep at night & be kept when there is no one at home(crated, free roam of house, garage, bath/laundry/kitchen area, fenced-in yard):

30. a. On average, how long will the animal be left alone during the day: b. What is the activity level of your household:

_____busy-visits by friends, meetings, children, parties at home

_____noisy-TV, stereo, machinery, tools, kids playing

_____moderate-normal comings and goings

_____quiet-homebodies, few guests

31. Do you believe in dog crates? If so, for what exact purpose(s)?

32. If you had to move & the property owner did not allow pets, what will you do with your companion animal(CA):

33. When you go on holiday, would you take it with you or who will care for it:

34. How will your animal travel to the vet, or other places(doggie seat-belt, crated, loose, tethered in car or van, loose or in box in back of truck?):

35. a. Who is the veterinarian you currently use:(or have used in the past 5 years-please, provide ALL info):



telephone #:

b. What type of heartworm prevention do you/have you used? c. What type of flea/tick prevention have you used? 36. May we call your vet regarding your previous/current pet's health care(please, be sure to contact your vet & tell them to release all info to H4S for our consideration, as soon as you send in your application): If not, why?

37. Are you willing to allow an NDR's rep to visit your home: If not, why:

38. List names and email addresses of 3 personal references (NOT related to you), whom you have known for at least 5 years:




39. If you are disabled and should have any special needs, please specify to help us find the BEST companion for you and your needs:

40: What arrangements have you made in case you can no longer care for your companion animal(s), such as moving overseas, an extended hospitalization stay or move into a nursing facility or (God-forbid) sudden death?

41. And, finally, please, tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you could provide a good home for a rescued companion animal:

Our goal in rescueing and re-homing animals is to provide them with a safe, loving home for the rest of their life. The adoption fee covers costs associated with the animal, medical and daily care during their foster period and transport.

Adoption contributions are non-refundable, for any reason.

Your signature below states that you understand any future medical costs are your responsibility and we have made full disclosure regarding our and our vet's knowledge of the health of our animals.

By signing this application, I attest to the fact that I am 21 years of age or older, and that the above information provided is correct:

spouse/partner's signature:

Please complete application and send to email address of person listed at the bottom of each animal's bio/webpage, or(if unlisted) to

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