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Who We Are

K-9s In Need is a non-profit rescue organization located in Central New Jersey. We are not a shelter but a group of volunteers who have opened their homes to fostering pets that are in danger of being destroyed. We require home visits for each of our pets as the last step of our adoption process and due to our limited resources, we only adopt to families living in New Jersey. Due to past experiences, we will not accept photos or web links of your home or property.

Adopting a friend

It is an admiral act when you decide to adopt your family dog from rescue rather than purchasing from a breeder. Please keep in mind that many of our pets have come from shelters and many from deplorable situations. Even though they may have been neglected or mistreated, these wonderful and forgiving animals are still friendly and looking for a loving forever home, We would like to impress upon you that your decision is a lifelong commitment to your pet. Your pet will be dependent on you for their care and in return will give you unconditional love and companionship. Our mission is to be champions for our canine friends and we will select adopters that are a best fit for our pups. K-9's In Need will not adopt puppies (less than 6 months old) to families where no one is home during much of the day or will we not place puppies in homes where there are children under 5 years old and even that is dependent on how the child interacts with the pup. If you rent or lease your home, we will need to see proof that you are allowed to have a dog in your dwelling. If you are planning on moving in the near future, we ask that you put off adopting until the completion of your move.

You will not be considered a potential adopter if your current pets are not up to date on their vaccines, not on heartworm preventative, not on any flea/tick preventative and if your current dogs are age appropriate and not spayed/neutered. The only exception would be if your veterinarian can verify that there are medical reasons for not having these procedures, vaccines and preventatives and our veterinarian would have to be in agreement. We do not adopt to homes where an invisible fence is used.

If you are interested in adopting one of our pets, please send email to info@k9sinneed.com for an adoption application. Once we receive your completed application, it will be reviewed and one of our volunteers will be in contact with you. While filling out the application, if there is missing or incorrect information, it may disqualify you for adoption. The application process takes about 2-3 weeks and consists of a telephone interview, reference checks and a home visit. The adoption fee is dependent on the pet and is not negotiable.


The breed and size listed with each dog is a "best guess," especially with puppies. We also cannot guarantee that a specific dog absolutely does not have any specific breed in them such as pitbull. Many of our pets come to us as strays or anonymous surrenders. In many cases we will not know the "mom" or "dad".


In most cases there is little history other than the observations of the shelter volunteers and foster families. Foster families will disclose all observed and known behavior issues and it will be up to the adopting families to decide if these behaviors are acceptable.


Although we cannot guarantee the health of the dog, all our pets are checked out by the rescue veterinarian and will not be available for adoption unless they have been released by the veterinarian. In the case of our puppies, we do quarantine for at least 14 days. If the dog is at least 16 weeks old and physically fit, she/he will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. If the dog is younger than 16 weeks or has not been medically approved for the procedure at the time of adoption, the spay/neuter will be the responsibility of the adopter. Adopters will be required to sign a Spay and Neuter Agreement if they are adopting an unaltered dog. All our pets will be on heartworm preventative (as long as they are heartworm negative), fleas/ticks preventative, up to date on their vaccines and microchipped. We will fully disclose any medical treatments and issues and it will be up to the adopter to decide if it is acceptable.

K-9s In Need
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