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Who We Are

SAVE-OUR-BUNS Rabbit Rescue is a small all-volunteer (ME!) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits, finding them permanent adoptive homes and to educating the public about rabbit care . It was started by rescue manager Jennifer Moore and is ran out of her place of business, Jenni's Pet Supply, in Vineland, NJ. Jennifer has volunteered for the House Rabbit Society and although she doesn't agree with all of HRS philosophies she does believe that all rabbits are valuable regardless of size, breed purity, color, temperament or state of health. Rabbits should reside in our homes as companion animals, given protection and afforded the same care as cats and dogs.

Owner Surrenders

Due to the overwhelming number of abandoned rabbits, SAVE-OUR-BUNS Rabbit Rescue is unable to take owner surrenders unless they were adopted through this rescue. I work with the Cumberland County SPCA to rescue rabbits that are in danger of being euthanized. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO TAKE YOUR RABBITS...I wish I could rescue them all but space, time and money are always short.

Adopting a Friend

Please remember that this is a lifetime commitment--adoption means PERMANENTLY accepting your bunny companion in to your life. This means good times as well as bad times through sickness and behavioral problems! Before adopting a rabbit please do some research and learn what they are really like and how to care for them. RABBITS ARE NOT LOW MAINTENANCE PETS! They are not idea pets for small children, do not like to be picked up, and they can live for 8-10 years. Didn't know this? Then you need to educate yourself before even considering adopting a rabbit. You can find a wealth of information online about rabbit care and behavior. A good place to start is at HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY.

I would also ask you NOT to narrow your bunny search to a particular age, breed, color or size. That dwarf or lop-eared bun may be sooo darn cute but his or her attitude or behavior may not be suitable for you and/or your family. So please keep an open mind as you select your new bunny companion. Accept the advice you are given by the people that have been taking care of the bun and know it's good and bad points as we try to ensure the best possible match between bunny and adopter.

You will be asked to sign a legal contract when adopting. The adoption fee for a single rabbit is $50.00, $90.00 for a pair and $130.00 for a trio. The adoption fee includes spaying or neutering and a copy of The House Rabbit Handbook. The adoption fees go directly to the rescue to help defray costs for spaying/neutering, upkeep and medical care. Each rabbit has been seen by a vet, spayed/neutered and is litterbox trained. You must be able to provide a home indoors! If you would like to fill out an adoption application please email me and I can email, fax or snail mail it to you .

Come Visit Us!

We would love for you to come see our buns, but the rescue is at my place of business so please email me to make an appointment!

Our Featured Pet...



Did you know that rabbits are social animals that enjoy the company of other rabbits and even us humans? Did you know that once bonded they grieve the loss of their mate sometimes dieing of a broken heart? Did you know that some rabbits grunt and box to show their disapproval and others will run and jump and leap when they are happy? If you open your heart and your home to a rabbit you will be rewarded a thousand times over by the joy that these funny creatures can bring in to your life.

Save-Our-Buns Rabbit Rescue

Vineland, NJ 08360

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