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Our Beginnings

The Tri State Weimaraner Rescue Inc has been up and running since May 1, 2006. We are previous volunteers of the Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club Rescue. We will cover the same areas (NJ, PA and DE) however, we are now a non-profit corporation. Any donations (this does not include adoption or intake fees) will be tax-deductible.

Who We Are

Our goal will continue to be to serve unwanted, neglected or abused Weimaraners by providing necessary medical and/or foster care to as many dogs as we are able; finding responsible and committed forever homes for these dogs and promoting and educating the public as to the needs of this breed, advantages of spay/neuter, and advantages of adopted from rescues/shelters. We are a network of volunteers throughout the states of NJ, PA and DE. We do not have a facility. If you would like to adopt one of our weimaraners it may be necessary for you to drive up to three hours from your home as we cover a large area. Please stop by and see our website to sign up for our newsletter, see our available dogs, give up a dog, offer to volunteer or donate -

Adopting a friend

Our website contains everything you need to know in order to adopt a rescue weimaraner. You can fill out an application right online and it will be immediatley submitted to our Placement Coordinator. From there one of our volunteers will be assigned to conduct your interview. They will contact you via e-mail within a few days to introduce themselves. Once your interview has been completed (sometimes a home interview will also be conducted) and we are satisfied that you completely understand the committment involved with owning this wonderful breed, you will be open for consideration for a rescue weim. We do not operate on a first come, first served basis. We use paired matching services - - we will not be looking for a dog for you, instead as each dog comes into rescue the Placement Coordinator will contact the individual/family who can provide the best home for that particular dog. This decision is based on years of experience with weimaraners and rescue placements. If you are unsure as to the age or sex that would be appropriate for your family, please let the interviewer know so they can give you some guidance.

There is an adoption fee required that will depend on the age of the weimaraner you adopt. The fee for a dog 6 years old and younger will be $300.00 and for dogs 7 y.o. and older it will be $200.00. Although puppies very rarely need to be rescued, if and when we do get them in the adoption fee for a puppy up to 12 months old is $400.00. These amounts are subject to change without prior notice.


Email: info@tristateweimrescue.org908-751-3140
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