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The Coda Rabbit Educational Rescue was established in 2005 after the tragic loss of my best bunny friend "Coda". Coda is a musical term for an alternate ending, which is what I had hoped to give Coda after her first owner dumped her at the Staten Island Zoo. A worker at the Zoo found her and brought her to my vet. They called me and asked if I could take her and at one glance she stole my heart. I bought my first house and moved to NJ only a short time later and Coda began having some problems. I brought her to the vet, who told me she had uteran cancer and needed to be spayed. I was told the spay went well, I took her home and a few months later found that all wasn't what it seemed. X-rays revealed that the spay was botched and there were 16 surgical clips inside my darling girl. I later found out it was not the rabbit vet, but another at the hospital who had done the spay. This man had no experience (or right to be) operating on rabbits. Coda was rushed to Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital and put in intensive care for a week. She began recovering and all looked hopeful, until she relasped around Christmas. She fought for 2 months and finally had enough. I lost Coda on January 12, 2005. I vowed that I would do all I could to help others find the appropriate vets so that this didn't happen to them. Then I thought, why stop there? I could give information and help assist those who may be new bunny parents, so what happened to Coda (abandonment) doesn't happen again. I began with posters around easter and from there I arrived at a rescue. I am not a shelter, and I do not do intake, but I can help direct you to someone who may be able to offer temporary housing to rabbits in dire situations. I am happy to assist anywhere there is a bunny in need. Thank you for your interest in the Coda Rabbit Rescue.

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