Angels of Animals Inc.

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Who We Are

Angels of Animals is a new group established in early 2005. We are a non-profit humane rescue organization that reaches out to animals in need. Every animal deserves love & compassion…. Every animal should have an angel to protect them from harm. For the unlucky ones who are abandoned, hurt, abused or homeless…….Angels of Animals was born.


Wally was our first "special angel". He was slammed in a door when he was only 5 weeks old. After countless tests and surgery he was still unable to walk. He is a pure joy- loves people and other cats. Although he could not walk his spirit was never broken. Then we found the perfect home for him! A wonderful young couple saw his picture and fell in love. They came to us weekly to properly learn how to care for him. They quickly learned how to express his bladder and keep him clean. Wally does not know he is different from his feline friends- he "shimmys" around his house playing with his friends just like any other cat. This family welcomed Wally into their home and they are truly special people. Wally will be at some of our adoption events so come and meet him!


We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a better life for animals in need. Our goals are to provide a volunteer rescue & adoption service for stray, abandoned & unwanted animals & to provide medical treatment for animals that have been hurt or neglected. We are proud to offer medical treatment to strays that require extensive care & have no options except euthanasia. We fundraise for these cases so they all deserve a chance of a better life. We Cater to Special Needs Cases
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