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St. Francis Feline Fellowship Foundation is a rescue organization originally established to control a local feral population. We love animals and are attempting to "Trap-Neuter-Return" our local area cats. We are constantly trying to raise money to fund this task. Feeding these cats alone is not the answer. We need to control the population first. We are taking the responsibility to try and help these cats in our community. Duroing the course of our TNR efforts there are rescues involving extreme Veterinarian bills as well as care and socialization of kittens when there is room and time. We are not a shelter and we do not do the trapping for everyone. We will consider sponsoring your efforts. We have fostered animals for adoption, all of which have been rescued. We do not have a shelter and therefore do not accept pets. Please contact us for consideration to become part of our Trap/Neuter/Release program.

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Little Pepino was rescued on December 10, 2010 after he was attacked by "something". He and his brother were about 8 weeks old and living in Hazlet with their feral calico mother. He couldn't stand, he was bleeding and was clearly in a critical condition. Using Dr. Harvey's Organic healing Cream and dressings, keeping the area clean and changing the dressing 2-3 times a day Pepino was completely healed and adopted He has a permanent scar but his white fur filled in the affected area nicely.

Dr. Harvey's Organic Healing Cream

It's a life saver !


Adopting a friend

St. Francis FFFF does not do same day adoptions. Vet references are needed when an application for adoption is completed. The regular adoption fee is $100.00 unless noted differently. The money goes toward Vetting, food and litter. Contact for an appointment to visit the pet of your dreams.

Thank you to all who contributed to the construction of SFFFF Sanctuary and Recovery. Scott Newell, Michael Williams, Billy Roberts, Mike Sabilia. Many months of hard work and sweat from all these wonderful men is a gift I will always treasure. How truly dedicated to the safety of animals! Thank you guys.

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SFFFF does not have a shelter facility. You can visit some of our pets by appointment for a one on one experience. No same day adoptions. Vet references necessary.
St. Francis Feline Fellowship Foundation
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