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Meet Clover!!

She is sweet, gentle, has TONS of personality and loves to be held, pet and run around outside of her cage. Clover is an "XL" chinchilla girl and is on a diet. She has taken very nicely to running on her safety wheel. Clover will come complete with her "castle" (it's really big and nice!) and all accessories.

Please email us with questions or to request an adoption application. If you are new to chinchillas: they are very long-lived companion animals of 15+ years.



Due to the high volume of rabbits we have been asked to take in to our care, we are in need of good foster homes. Shelters all over are seeing a very high turn-in rate of "ex-Easter pets," such as rabbits, ducks and chickens.

Why not apply to become a foster home? We will supply you with the cage, supplies and food, you supply the daily care, love and greens. It's a great way to "get your feet wet," and it will be a huge help to our rescue. Fostering is usually a six week committment, while we have the rabbit neutered/spayed and search for a forever home for him.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a foster home or to request a volunteer application.

Who We Are

Rabbit Haven by the Sea rescues homeless rabbits from a variety of situations, spay/neuters, socializes, litterbox trains and places them into their forever homes. We are a small domestic rabbit rescue, located in Monmouth County, NJ. We promote domestic rabbits as indoor companion animals. We educate potential adopters or people who currently have rabbits on their proper care: diet, housing, socialization, exercise, etc. We provide a cross-posting service for homeless rabbits not under our direct care.

We do work with small exotics (guinea pigs, chinchillas, domestic rats, ferrets, hedgehogs, parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, etc.) as well.

Rabbit Haven by the Sea also has a soft spot for cats, particularly feral and stray cats. We provide daily care to feral cat colonies, spay/neuter and place feral/stray cats into good adoptive homes. We are always looking for kind people that have barns or large pieces of property that would be willing to care for a feral cat who prefers the "great outdoors."

Adoption Policies and Procedures

Please email us at: RabbitHaven123@aol.com to request an adoption application, or to find out more about a particular rabbit or pet. We will be happy to send you one via e- or snail mail. Approved applications will be followed by a telephone interview, to see which rabbit or pet may make the best match for you and your family. Please feel free to ask questions. If there is a good match, we shall contact the references you have provided on your adoption application (we ask for a veterinary reference.) There is an adoption agreement to sign and an adoption fee pending adoption of our rabbits and other adoptable pets. The same holds true for animals not directly in our care, which have "cross-posted." We provide the application and screening process for these animals as well.

Rabbit Haven by the Sea provides a lifetime of assistance for each pet adopted from our rescue. Questions and updates are always welcomed and attended to. As noted in our adoption agreement, if for any reason at ANY time, the adopter no longer wishes to care for the pet or is unable to continue caring for the pet, which has been adopted from Rabbit Haven by the Sea,the adopter shall contact us and we will accept the pet back into our care. The animal MAY NOT be given to any other source. Please understand that the return may not happen immediately, as we will need to make provisions for the animal to be returned to our care. The adoption fee is non-refundable, as it will have gone towards the care of another pet in our rescue.

Rabbit Haven by the Sea reserves the right to conduct a home visit prior to or following an adoption. Adopters must certify that they are legally able to have the adopted pet in their home and have checked with the appropriate zoning officials in their township or county, if need be. Renters must have express permission from their landlords prior to adoption.

We reserve the right to revoke any adoption in order to protect the welfare of the adopted animal. Adopters shall understand and agree that Rabbit Haven by the Sea will terminate the agreement immediately, without notice, should the adopter not uphold the full terms of our adoption agreement and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to Rabbit Haven by the Sea in the adoption process. This applies to animals adopted directly from our rescue, as well as animals not in our direct care, but that have been cross-posted by Rabbit Haven by the Sea.

A full list of terms and conditions is included in our Adoption Agreement.

Rabbit Haven by the Sea is happy to host a "match making" date for your current bunny and our adoptables, prior to adoption.

Come Visit Us!

We are located in Monmouth County, NJ. Visit us at our homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/oz/watershipdown/rabbit_haven_by_the_sea.htm
Rabbit Haven by the Sea
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Email: RabbitHaven123@aol.com
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