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We have been getting many emails from other shelters with animals in need of immediate adoption or they will be Put to Sleep that day. They are in grave danger of being gassed. Please call shelters directly because time is of the essence.


We now have a direct web address! Please visit us there. Volunteers and foster famlies needed for a cats and kittens. If interested please email or call. Please volunteer to help feral cats with our trap neuter and return program! We need people to transfer to and from the vet. We are for the first time, in need of funds. Volunteers are needed to do a candy bar fundraiser. If interested, please call right away.

Who We Are

Pals Of Paws is a non-profit organization who is registered with the state of New Jersey and is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) federal tax-deductable charity. We are dedicated to helping homeless animals find good homes. I started out helping a county shelter walk the dogs and give out treats to all of the animals. Then I called some no-kill shelters to ask if they had any space. I started to transfer as many animals as I could. Other volunteers began helping, and then we had a small group. So that is how Pals Of Paws came to be. Almost all of the animals that we transferred found new homes. Pals Of Paws continues to advertise the animals who are still waiting. We will also help animals who have to be given up for one reason or another. Giving up your pet can be a very stressful situation, especially for your pet. Pals Of Paws will help you find a good home for your pet without putting him in a shelter. We advertise your pet on the computer and in the newspaper, all you have to do is mail your pets photo, or you can email it, and all available information to our address. Please include your phone #. We will screen all adoption applications, and hopefully find a new home. If you adopt a pet or give up a pet, you are doing this action at your own risk. Pals Of Paws is not liable for any actions of the adopter, pet, or accepting family. By adopting a pet or putting your pet up for adoption through Pals Of Paws you are agreeing to these terms. Donations for this program are voluntary. We just want people to be able to find a new home for their pet, without him having to go to a shelter. Donations help us to do the important job of helping homless animals in so many ways, so please give if you can, and thankyou from all of the animals who have been helped by Pals Of Paws!

Adopting a friend

Adopting a friend is easy! Just e-mail or post mail your full name, address, phone #,wether you rent or own your home, the type of home, number of people in your family, ages of all the children, number of animals that you have, their names, ages, type, vet info., all previous pets, why they died or left, why you want a new pet, and where they will sleep. After all applications have been reviewed, we will pick the best home for the animal, and someone will call you if you are chosen. A volunteer will check your yard and all pets must be spayed or neutered. There is a $50. donation, which is fully tax-deductable, when you adopt a pet. There is no charge to put in an application to adopt. However you can choose to make a donation at any time. Pals of Paws only takes applications for foster care animals. Animals who have been transferred to no-kill shelters must go through the adoption policy and fees of those shelters.

Come Visit Us!

Pals Of Paws is an all volunteer group that has either animals in foster care, or we are showing animals that we have transferred to a no-kill shelter. Therefore, there is no single location for you to view animals. For information and help with any animal call Jennifer @ 856-229-2141
Pals Of Paws
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Phone: 856-229-2141

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