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Sadly, adult cats have the lowest adoption rates in shelters across the USA.  Yet, adult cats also have so much to offer. 

There are many adults looking for homes. Each has their own story of disappointment.  Perhaps their owners thought they weren’t cute anymore, or they moved away and left them behind, or they no longer wanted to care for them and put them out of their home.   What they all have in common is that they are at the shelter because they are no longer wanted and they have no idea what they have done wrong. 
You will be giving them a second chance at a wonderful life.

More than likely one of the reasons you are searching for a pet is to save a life. Most adults that are not adopted are euthanized.  Therefore, by adopting an adult you will be giving them a second chance and you WILL be saving their life.

Kittens are cute, fuzzy and playful but they can also be crazy and rambunctious.  Most people want a kitten because they want it to grow up with them.  But this also means that their personality changes with age.  With an adult you can evaluate the cat’s actual personality.  What you see is pretty much what you get.  An adult cat is already full grown.  Its body size, shape, color and behavior will not change.  You will know how sociable the cat will be and what their activity level is. 

Adult cats are usually less rambunctious; they enjoy play time but also love snuggling up with you for some nice relaxation. 

Adults will adjust to your schedule.  They also require less supervision and they are easier to care for.

Most adults have already been neutered and have received their vaccinations. 

While adult cats do not always hit it off with you instantly, given time in a loving environment, a grown cat can form just as tight a bond with the family as a kitten can.

Adult cats make ideal companions for those with busy lives and older people seeking friendship and love.  They know they have been given another chance at living a wonderful life.  They are grateful to have a home and in turn shower you with loyalty and affection

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Who We Are

Happy Feet is an adult cat rescue organization whose goal is to match adult and special needs cats with caring forever homes. We are part of an amazing animal hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey and all of our cats are fully vetted at the time of their adoptions. 

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Please email happyfeetcatrescue@gmail.com to make an appointment to visit our rescue. We are located in Secaucus, NJ.


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