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We are in need of foster homes all over the country, holding homes (hold the dog for a couple days while waiting on transport), transporters (volunteer to drive a couple hours once in a while to get a dog to foster home), and sponsors for pets that come in. Many Newf mixes come in from the South where they are kept as outdoor dogs which can lead to expensive treatments for Heartworm disease and skin issues. If you or your office would like to sponsor an incoming dog, please email us and let us know so you can be notified when a new dog comes in. A sunshine fund collected in an office for a needy dog can mean the difference between life and death for these gentle giants.


TruNewf Cyber Rescue is a network of foster homes located all over the US dedicated to the rescue of Newfoundland dog mixes from kill shelters. All animals are fully vetted and altered before being posted for adoption. All our dogs live in our homes as part of our families. While this provides for the prospective owner a well socialized, well understood dog, it limits how many dogs we can rescue. Each foster home handles the adoption and placement of the dog in their care. Because these dogs live as part of our families, we are well acquainted with all their strengths and their foibles. The placement decision for each animal will be based on the personality of the dog and the past history known on the dog. If you see a dog on our site in which you are interested, please check the individual listing for the location of the dog and the contact information. Dogs are adopted out in the area in which they foster. You may see posted on this site the occasional non Newf looking dog. While this site is devoted primarily to Newf mixes, every foster home sometimes helps out a dog in need of a different breed. We are, after all, rescue, and while we cannot save them all, we save what we can. Sometimes, the perfect dog comes in a non breed specific package and if we can make a difference in that dog's life, we do. It's an arrangement that benefits all, so don't hesitate to look at the bio of every animal on this site. For them to be here, they have to have a certain special something that sets them apart from the hundreds of animals we see when we have an opening for a new foster.


Adopters are carefully screened. Email for an adoption application. An application does not automatically get approval. All applicants will be subject to a vet check and a home visit. All applicants must have a securely fenced yard suitable for the size of the animal adopting at time of application. An invisible fence alone is NOT adequate. TrunNewf Cyber Rescue reserves the right to decline any application for any reason they deem fit with no further explanation. We don't mean to seem unfriendly. It's just that we want the best relationship for all involved and that means when there are multiple appplicants on a single pet, someone has to be disappointed. And sometimes, it takes a while for the right applicant to show up for a special dog. We hold that dog in a loving home environment until that perfect match is made. If you are serious about adopting a Newfoundland/mix, you may want to fill out an application in advance. Preapproved applications are considered first on animals that come in. We cannot predict who we are getting in. By waiting untiil you see the perfect dog on the screen to put in your application, you may miss a chance at the pet of your choice. Please be advised we rarely get puppies and when we do, there is a huge demand for them. Adoption costs are donations to rescue to offsetf the cost of getting the foster healthy and ready for adoption and are as follows: Purebreds and puppies (under 1 year) $250 Mixes-$200.


We're not a shelter, but a foster care organization so viewing pets is by appointment only. Remember to check by the pet's name to see what state in which it is residing.

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