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Who We Are...

WAG N' BARK is a predominently dog re-homing/rescue group. It is an all volunteer group who work w\to find new homes for dogs they have taken into their group either from people who can no longer keep their own personal dogs or dogs that people have rescued from the streets. In some instances, volunteers will visit local shelters and see that "special" dog and redeem the dog from the shelter. We handle mostly mixed breeds, but on some occasion have pedigrees. When a volunteer's home is available, they will take the dog into their own homes and integrate the dog in with their own pets and family. This gives the volunteer an opportunity to evaluate the dog's behavior with adults, in many cases children, and in all cases other animals.


All of the dogs either in "foster homes" or their original homes are brought to ADOPTION DAYS usually twice a month. These adoption days are held at local groomers, vets, pet supply houses, or other places that will allow us to spend 4 hours on the weekend giving our dogs an opportunity to meet that special family that will love them for the rest of their lives.

Medical Services...

All of the dogs prior to the adoptions days are fully vetted in relationship to their ages. Dogs over 6 months old are altered prior to adoption and puppies under 6 months old are released with the provision that the puppy is altered by the time it is 6 months old. Low cost spaying/neutering certificates are made available to help defray the cost.

Our Dedication...

Our involvement with the dog does not end on the day of the adoption. On a regular basis, follow up calls are made to the adoptive homes to see how the dogs are doing, if there are any behavioral problems, if the homes are happy with their selections, etc. If for ANY reason (including the new owners don't like the color of the dog) the family decides they no longer want the dog, the dog MUST be returned to Wag 'N Bark. We are there to do everything we can to make sure that the dog and the family are a good mix and will give each other many years of love and companionship.

We always Need Volunteers...

Since we have no facilities in which to house the dogs, we are always in desperate need of volunteers to handle the dogs on adoption days and for foster care. For further information on adopting our dogs or volunteering, please contact Brian at (973) 822-2647.

Adoptions & Fees...

Dogs - $ XX
Puppies - $XX
Cats - $XX
Kittens - $XX


1st - (973) 822-2647
2nd - (570) 646-3138
3rd - (908) 668-5811
4th - (908) 668-4810
5th - (201) 822-2647

Shelter Hours...

We are always here, please call us!

Wag and Bark

Brian Phone: 973-822-2647 Eve Phone: 570-646-3138

Email: evemarie@epix.net

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