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Please go to www.petfinder.com and search under "Yorkie" to check to see if we have any yorkies available for adoption. If we have no yorkies listed in Petfinder, then we do not have yorkies available for adoption at this time. However, please feel free to check back with us periodically. Please also go to the following links for additional yorkie rescues: www.saveayorkierescue.org, www.yorkierescueme.com, www.ytnr.com, www.unitedyorkierescue.org. Thanks for looking to adopt a yorkie through a rescue/shelter and giving a yorkie in need a second chance!


Volunteers/Donations: We are always looking for volunteers. For the safety of our Yorkies, all volunteers will be subject to veterinarian and reference checks upon application. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity or donating in any way to our cause please email us for further information. All offers of assistance are graciously welcome.

Who We Are

YorkieHaven is rescue organization based mainly in New Jersey, working with rescues in the Tri-State Area (NJ, SE-PA, NE-DE) with a goal and purpose of assisting full-bred Yorkies in need by rescuing and placing Yorkies into the best-suited home possible. As a result, YorkieHaven requires a home visit of the prospective home, in addition to veterinarian and personal reference checks and adoption donations are required. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications outside the above-mentioned regions, as we do not have volunteers outside those areas who can do the required homecheck. If you are interested in a posted Yorkie, please email with the Yorkie's name in the subject line and a questionnaire will be forwarded to you for completion. We operate with the assistance of donations. Adoption donations help us with the cost of personal and medical care for each of YorkieHaven's foster dogs prior to adoption. If you would like to monetarily donate to our cause of rescuing and rehoming yorkies, please email us for further information. All of YorkieHaven's dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement and brought up-to-date on vaccinations. YorkieHaven cannot take into foster care or rescue a yorkie with a history of biting or aggression to people or other pets. If you have a surrender of that nature, please contact us and we will be happy to do our best to try to help you find a rescue organization that will be able to assist you.

Adopting a friend

YorkieHaven rescues adult full-bred Yorkies. There are many reasons why Yorkies come into rescue, most of which are of no fault of the dog. There are major advantages to adopting an adult dog, one of which is there is no long puppy potty-training period! With an adult dog, what you see is what you get! Their personalities are set and you know whether you are getting a couch potato or an energizer bunny and, therefore, it's easier to find the right Yorkie for you. If you are considering adopting a puppy, please also take into consideration the pros of adopting an ADULT Yorkie in need. Yorkies have very long life spans and lots of love to give! Please note that we do not have puppies. It is very rare that yorkie pups come into rescue. If your heart is set on a puppy, it is best to do research and find a reputable breeder in your area. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with or associated with any yorkie breeders, and therefore cannot recommend a breeder.

The Breed

If you are interested, but not familiar with this wonderful breed, please go to the American Kennel Club webpage at www.akc.org to obtain breed-specific information to determine if this breed is right for you. You should also research which health issues yorkies are prone to. There are also books on this breed that can be borrowed from your local Free Library, or purchased at most bookstores. It is highly recommended that you research any breed of dog you are considering adopting, in order to become fully aware of their temperament, care requirements, etc., beforehand, so you will be able to make an informed choice, and select the dog that is right for you and your family.

Our Adoption Policies

We are looking for applicants in the Philadelphia, or southern/central NJ area only, as a home visit is required. We will consider other nearby areas ONLY if you can provide a reference from another valid rescue that has recently homevisited you. We prefer our yorkies to be placed in homes where someone is home most or part of the day and not left alone for 8 hours while you are at work. We don't feel it is fair for any dog to hold a full bladder for that long. Most dogs need companionship and can become depressed being left alone for long hours every day. We are looking for a home with a fully-fenced yard, as yorkies tend to chase critters and will bolt. Please, no homes with small children.


We do not recommend purchasing a puppy from a pet store, as most pet store dogs come from puppy mills. Puppymillers breed their dogs continuously with no regard for lineage or bad health traits. These "breeder dogs" are often kept in very inhumane and unsanitary conditions, and often puppies are born with various defects and serious illnesses. As a result, many dogs coming from these puppymills often have major health problems, with leads the buyer to expend many $$$ for medical treatment which often becomes long-term and/or permanent and/or may lead to premature death and a very heartbroken adopter. If you go to a pet store, most often the tag on the puppy's cage will show the puppy's origin, birth date, etc. If the puppy's origin state on the tag is in the midwest United States or Pennsylvania (Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas or Lancaster County, PA), these areas are known puppymiller states. If the original facility lists the words "farm" or "kennel" in the title, this is most likely a puppy mill facility. If there is no origin on the cage, you have the right to inquire and see a listing of where the puppy you are interested in originated from. Your best bet is to be safe and stay away from pet stores. If there is no demand (buyers at pet stores), the millers will go eventually out of business and stop this cruel practice. With some homework, you can obtain a quality puppy at a reputable breeder, at a similiar price charged for adoption at a pet store (in many cases even at a smaller cost), and have the benefit of being able to obtain a history on your puppy's lineage, as well as view both parents and see the environment in which the dogs are raised and bred.

For more information on puppy mills, please go to www.puppymills.com, www.nopuppymills.com, www.hua.org or www.puppymillrescue.com. See also the link on the bottom of this page for more information.


Serving NJ/E-PA/DE
Phone: Email Inquiries Only

Email: yorkiehaven@verizon.net
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