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Meet Pookey!

Pookey is a wonderful bundle of tabby love who desperately needs a new home. Pookey is FIV Positive, and you will find that many of our animals need special homes. But Pookey is very healthy, and ready to spend the rest of his very long life with a loving, understanding family. He loves to eat, loves to play, and loves to be loved!

Please see OUR PET LIST for more details about Pookey!

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Volunteers Needed for Petco in Old Bridge!
A group that has helped us with adoptions, Summit Animal Rescue Assn. (S.A.R.A., Inc.) has recently begun showing cats and kittens at the Petco in Gateway Shopping Center, on Rt. 9 in Old Bridge. They are in desperate need of capable volunteers to take one or two slots a week (mornings or evenings) to help with cage cleaning, feeding and caring for their adoptive animals on display there. Please consider being part of a S.A.R.A.'s effort to place even more animals in good, stable homes. Contact Kathleen at 732-309-4089 (or e-mail if you can help in this area. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have dependable transportation.



Please come visit our pages often, and watch for more information and updates. Many of our animals are "Special Needs" pets and require very, VERY special homes. Most of them are very healthy, and need just a little extra understanding and accommodation, like our little Scooter, here.

All of our special needs pets have every capability to live a long and wonderful life with the right family. Please bookmark us and see what deserving lives have been saved!

Who We Are

Devoted Lifetime Companions is comprised of a small group of private individuals, committed to the lives of the animals we save.

We are not part of any other group and we are not subsidized in any way. All expenses come out of our own pockets. Adoption fees are set to a limited amount and are used to offset the cost of necessary medical and feeding expenses of the animals in our care. These animals are not in shelters, but live with love in the home of the person who rescued them. The adoption fee never, EVER covers the entire cost that we have invested in any individual animal.

We are not a 501(c)3 recognized charity, which means that donations given to us are not tax-deductible. However, we are indeed a completely NON-PROFIT group, and your donations of food, money or supplies are coveted and appreciated. 100% of everything we receive goes toward the care of our rescued animals that are offered for adoption.

WE DO OUR TIRELESS ALL to help every single animal in our care. We do not needlessly euthanize any animal and very rarely have to euthanize at all.

Great care and labor is taken over every single dog and cat we rescue. We must emphasize that we are just a small handful of regular people who work, have families, go to school and struggle to pay our own bills, but still find a way to make an effort to help animals in need.

Because we are not funded, and because we do not have a shelter or a network of foster homes, we must restrict our e-mail responses to those who are interested in the adoption of our resident animals. We are not equipped to take animals from individuals, and sincerely regret that we cannot respond to pleas for us to take animals in. Please check for other groups in your area better equipped to assist in this area of outreach.


Friskies or 9-Lives Canned Cat Food
Nutro or Iams Dry Cat Food
Science Diet Kitten Growth Dry Kitten Food
Tidy-Cat Scoop Cat Litter
Cat or Dog Toys
Gift cards in any amount to PetSmart, Petco or Wal-Mart

Any Clean, Standard-Sized or Large Cat Carrier
Humane Cat Traps
Dog Crates in Good, Clean Condition
Any Sized Towels in Good Condition
Any/All Carpeted Cat Furniture
Cat or Dog Beds
Large Bird Cages (parrot or conure sized)
Cat or Dog Toys

All Wish-List donations can be picked up by one of our volunteers--we are willing to come to you if you live within an hour of our central New Jersey homes.


Adopting a friend

Adoption fees are payable by cash or check. Adoption fees paid by check may be requested payable to the name of the individual rescuer who took in, cared for and fostered your pet; or payable directly to the respective veterinarian who assisted the rescuer with their medical care. Adoption fees for cats are generally $75 per cat. Adoption fees for dogs are usually $125 per dog, with exceptions if there are extenuating circumstances (usually in the case of medical reasons). Some of our rescuers use adoption applications, to be filled out and supplied at/during the pre-adoption interview.

Your adoption contract is an agreement that requires you to provide your pet with a loving, protected, indoor home that includes a good diet and regular veterinary care for the remainder of your petís life. In return, we promise to assist you with the transition of your new pet into his new home, and we will do several follow-ups after placement. We will make ourselves available to you at all times and will provide telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for contact.

We are committed to these animals to do all that we can to make sure your new pet is the proper match for your family/expectations BEFORE the adoption.

However, we realize that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur that may prohibit you from keeping your new pet. Your adoption contract stipulates that in the event such circumstances arise, YOU AGREE to contact your designated adoption representative (on your adoption agreement) to return your pet to their care or that of Devoted Lifetime Companions. That means if it is one week, one month, one year or ten years down the line, you agree to turn that pet back over to us so that we can oversee its continued safety and well-being.

Come Visit Us!

Many of the animals profiled here can be seen by appointment at the Petco at Ernston Rd. and Rt. 9 South in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Please keep in mind that many of our pets are special needs, and will not be brought up for regular adoption days unless previously arranged. Please e-mail Kathleen at ( to make arrangements to see our wonderful dogs and cats.

Devoted Lifetime Companions
ATTN: Kathleen
P.O. Box 1767
Union, NJ 07083

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