The Rottie Connection

Helping Dogs In Need

The Rottie Connection is a non-profit organization. We are individuals living across the North East area who have been drawn together as volunteers for the sole purpose of preserving and protecting pure breed and Rottweiler mixes; plus other dogs in need.

Our Adoptable Pet List

Help Babette

We adopted Babette a little over three years ago. From day one she became part of our family. At that time our daughter was only a toddler, and as you can imagine they have developed quite a bond. In fact our daughter refers to Babette as her Sister. We love Babette more than we could ever express. Last month we noticed Babette’s gait seemed off – she looked as though her bones were aching or sore. We took her to the Vet for some testing ($600.00). A week later she started to hold up her right hind paw, so we immediately returned to the Vet who ordered X-rays ($600.00). The tests results revealed Babette’s problem—a torn ACL. The surgeon felt that due to Babette’s weight/size, it would be best to use a newer technique which requires the implantation of a metal plate ($3200.00). Two days later she had the surgery. We didn’t want to postpone the procedure because we wanted to help our Babette feel better as quickly as possible. We have spent approximately $5000.00. We just found out that Babette has torn her other ACL. Now we’re facing another $3200.00 in medical expenses. This has put such a strain on our family. All we want to do is make Babette feel better so she can enjoy the many years she has ahead of her. We look forward to creating even more memories and sharing love and kisses with our wonderful Babette. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please help Babette


We are in desperste need of foster homes. If you live in the North East area and would be interested in fostering a homeless pet, please contact Please help save a life!


If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please go to my website and fill out an adoption application. Our adoption process is easy. If you see a dog you are interested in, fill out the adoption application. We require a home visit and vet reference prior to the adoption approval. The adoption fees are listed next to the application on my website. We hope to hear from you soon!


Our rescued animals are also available for sponsership. We use the sponsership money to help cover the cost of the vetting and to help cover the feeding and upkeep cost of the animal while in rescue or foster care. This option also gives the animals a much better chance of being rescued or adopted! Any donation can be used as sponsership toward an animal of your choice!


The Rottie Connection is currently accepting new members to allow our organization the oppourtunity to expand, so that we may help more animals. If you or someone you know would like to join our org., please contact us by emailing: We look forward to hearing from you!

The Rottie Connection 973-699-3662