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If your pet is 7 months old or older, it's licensing time for both Dogs and Cats in Roxbury Township every January. Starting February there is a $5.00 late fee. Please make sure the rabies shot is good for 11 of the months of licensing year. If not please update shot.

To many animals, not enough homes... Please spay & neuter your pets.

If you find a bat in your house. Please call for animal control to catch the bat and have it tested for rabies. During business hours call the animal control 973 584-4372 or the health department 973 448-2028. After hours please call the police at 973 448-2100.

Many dogs are getting out because snow insulates the hidden fences. Please be careful and put their tags on them even with a hidden fence they run. Even better then the tags is the micro chip. The cost is about $35.00 and a $12.50 registration fee for the life of your faithful companion. Roxbury Animal Control scans all domestic animals. We find a chip and your friend comes right home.

Who We Are

Roxbury animal control is here to help you with your animal needs. Please keep me informed, I can help.

Adopting a Friend

Call Susan at Roxbury Animal Control 973 584-4372 or Golub Animal Inn at 973 691-2662

Come Visit Us!

The stray animals are housed at Golub's Animal Inn on Route 46 West in Ledgewood, on the top of King mountian.

Contact Officer Susan Blanchard at Roxbury Animal Control Email:

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