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JerseyTzu Rescue is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of abandoned and unwanted Shih Tzu and other small furry canines located in New Jersey and adjacent states. We do not 'stock' dogs. We normally have one dog at our home and 1 or 2 more at foster homes in the Southern New Jersey, South Eastern Pa. region.

Adopting a friend

In order to adopt a pet from us, the first step would be to fill out a dog application form. You can email us to recieve one. Once the completed form is received, we will conduct a telephone interview with you, followed by a home check. Once you are approved, we will then match you up with a dog that suits your lifestyle. We set up meetings with the dog and you or your family by appointment. If all goes well... we finalize everything with a couple of forms, and an adoption fee. Generally this will be $100 - $325, depending on the circumstances. At this time we are asking you to consider adopting a 'senior' pet. Seniors are often considered unadoptable in shelters and in general overlooked by the public. A senior dog will offer just as much love and companionship as a young pup and in many cases will thrive in a loving environment. Please consider our senior friends when looking to adopt anywhere. Thank-you for considering a Rescue ShihTzu!!!

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We do not have a facility. Dogs in our Rescue are fostered in our homes until adopted.
JerseyTzu Rescue

Atlantic County
New Jersey
Phone: e-mail only please

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