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Greyhounds come in all colors and ages and are gentle, loving, intelligent dogs. The greyhound is the oldest domesticated breed of dog and was the once the pet, hunting dog, and friend of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and the Medieval European Aristocracy. Please consider adopting one of our senior Greyhounds.


Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, Inc., holds many "Meet and Greets" thoughout NJ where those interested in Greyhounds can meet them in person. Please visit our Events page on our web site to see where we'll be next.

Who We Are

Greyhound Friends of N.J., Inc. is a non-profit group dedicated to the adoption, appreciation, and care of the greyhound dog. The organization re-homes as many dogs as possible, giving them appropriate medical attention, and placing them in safe, loving homes. GFNJ encourages caring treatment of all animals and educates the public about the qualities of the greyhound through Meet & Greets. GFNJ promotes responsible pet ownership, including neutering, and holds adoption seminars wherever we are invited to appear to communicate information about the greyhound to the general public.

Adopting a friend

The adoption process begins when you have made the final decision that a greyhound is the dog for you. We ask you to fill out an application giving us some information about your lifestyle-children, other pets, time away from home, fenced in yard, etc. We require that $25.00 of the $260.00 adoption donation (new fee effective 4/15/14) be included with the application. The $25.00 deposit is non-refundable. The information you provide on the application helps us to find a dog which will be a good match for your home. There is a reduced adoption fee for dogs over 7 years old. Please visit our web site to learn more about the adoption process and the Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Greyhound Friends of New Jersey Inc
PO Box 4416
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0669
Contacts: Linda Lyman - Phone: 732-356-4370 E-Mail:
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