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The mission of Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue is to take in and place Basset Hounds who are in need of new homes. All dogs receive needed veterinary care (including spay/neuter, innoculations, heartworm testing, etc.), and are placed into approved homes. Most of the dogs we place are turned over to us by animal shelters throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and New York or have been surrendered by their previous owners due to circumstance (allergies, moving, etc.).

Adopters are asked to make a minimum donation of $250 to cover the expenses involved in getting the dog ready for placement, i.e., veterinary bills, board bills if the dog must be housed in a commercial kennel while awaiting adoption, etc. Any additional donation above expenses is appreciated, and goes into our rescue fund to help care for other dogs, such as extraordinary veterinary expenses, etc.

If a dog is surrendered to us directly by the original owner, we request a donation from the owner to help cover the cost of housing and caring for the dog until it is adopted, or to pay for any necessary veterinary expenses, if at all possible.

The rescue service is run on a non-profit basis, and no one involved in it receives any remuneration, other than repayment for out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the care of the dogs.

How do I adopt a Basset Hound? Please visit our website at to get additional information about our adoption procedures and to submit an application. Information about the care of Bassets will be provided at the time of adoption, and follow-up advice is always just a phone call away.

For information: Please contact Dana Mania at 732-264-1482 or

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