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On occasion, we are in need of foster homes for adoptable cats and litters of kittens. If you can provide a temporary home for one of our cats or kittens please call Diana at 908-735- 8681. We do our best to promote our cats at adoption days, online, and through newspaper advertising.

Who We Are

Save Our Strays, Inc. (S.O.S.) is an all volunteer non profit Cat Welfare and Adoption Organization headquartered in Central New Jersey. It endeavors to place unwanted, surrendered, abused, or stray cats and kittens in loving permanent homes.

S.O.S. exists for the good of its feline clients and to protect them from cruelty. Therefore, S.O.S. has a moral obligation not to place an animal in a home unless it is one where the adoptee will be part of a family, receive proper veterinarian care, food, water, and companionship.

All adoptees should be licensed and kept on family property in compliance with local laws. All adoptees must be spayed or neutered to prevent the birth of more homeless and unwanted cats.

Overpopulation is an abomination. Are you part of the problem?

Did you know that 71% of all cats and kittens and 55% of all dog which enter US animal shelters each year are euthanized. Or that 30% of all dogs in shelters today are "pure-bred". An estimate of over 7 million animals are put to deaths in shelters in the US. Gas methods are actually still used in many shelters across the country which is not only a outdated method but causes suffering by intoxication which in some instances is not final, causing the animal to suffer in the end even further.

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We also have tame and not so tame adult cats for barns. We require a veterinary reference check and the completion of an adoption form for all adoptions.


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For information on adopting a cat, kitten or barn cat from Save Our Strays and for information on our next adoption date, please call 908 735-8681 or 908 995-7055. We will have many beautiful and sweet cats available at our next adoption. Please call 908 735 8681for adoption dates and locations. While visiting, you can also help us out tremendously by purchasing and donating some cat/kitten food, litter, cages, carriers and/or cat toys.. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and can be mailed to Save Our Strays, PO Box 324, Frenchtown, NJ, 08825. We have taken in many cats recently and really need your help. We also need help finding foster homes and barns for our barn cats. For more information regarding our next adoption, please call Diana at 908 735 8681. Please open your heart to adopting a young cat. These pets are in individual foster homes, please see individual pets descriptions for contact information. Save Our Strays would like to thank all of those who donate to us.

Save Our Strays Inc.
PO Box 324

Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Phone: See individual pet descriptions for contact #'s

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