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NJ GAP is a volunteer, non profit, organization which is recognized by the New Jersey State Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program. We are nationally networked and operate from a "Virtual Office". The group has over twenty years of greyhound experience and places ten to fifteen greyhounds per month.

As part of the screening process we establish a profile of the prospective home, and match it to the personality profile of the greyhound. NJ Gap provides lifetime counseling for each greyhound. We serve New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

About Retired Greyhounds ...

Save A Retired Racing Greyhound

15,000 to 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year when their racing careers are over (according to HSUS).

The greyhound is considered a low maintenance dog because of their short hair. They do not require any more exercise than other breeds. Their placid nature makes them excellent couch potatoes. Since they enjoy a well planned get-together we hold an annual picnic. Greyhounds are notorious Party Animals.

Services ...

Prior to adoption all greyhounds are:

What you can do to help ...

Call NJ GAP today and join our exciting program. Please become part of the solution. We are making a DIFFERENCE and you will too.

Here is a partial list of what you can do:

Popular Greyhound Questions

What ages are available and how long do they live?
Most retired racers are between 2 & 5 years of age and have an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years of age.

How tall are greyhounds and how much do they weigh?
Racing greyhounds are between 24 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 80 lb. Generally females are smaller than males.

Are greyhounds good with children?
Because greyhounds are gentle by nature, most are fine with children provided children are taught respect for animals.

Are Greyhounds compatible with other animals?
Yes, most greyhounds are good with small animals and enjoy the company of other breeds. On the application indicate what animals you currently have.

How do I know that my greyhound will be good with my cat?
We cat test all of our dogs and provide you with instructions on how to introduce your new dog to your current pets.

Do greyhounds make good watchdogs?
No, generally speaking greyhounds do not bark and are happy to see all visitors.

Are greyhounds hyper and do they require a lot of exercise?
No! This is probably the most common misconception about greyhounds. They enjoy, but don't require, moderate exercise. They make good jogging companions after they have been properly conditioned for long distances. In most households the experience of a brisk walk is enough to keep both the adopter and adoptee in good shape. In reality, greyhounds are very much couch potatoes in the home and enjoy lounging with the family.

How long can a greyhound be left alone?
Eight to nine hours. Any longer, we advise you hire a pet walker.

Is it difficult to housebreak a greyhound?
At the track, greyhounds are used to being let out of their crates several times a day to exercise and relieve themselves. A similar routine in their new home makes housebreaking relatively easy.

Will my greyhound be altered before I adopt it?
Yes, ALL of the greyhounds we place are altered and inoculated. In most cases they are also checked for heartworms.

Why must a greyhound be kept on a leash?
All responsible dog owners keep their dogs on leashes, regardless of the breed. Because greyhounds have thousands of years of ancestry which tells them to follow their instinct and run without heed they must be kept on leash. The only exceptions to this rule are: a fully fenced yard, park, or school yard (with the gates closed and monitored).

Are greyhounds suited to apartment life?

How long does it take for a greyhound to bond and to adjust?
Because greyhounds are very friendly and thrive on human companionship, bonding usually occurs in a matter of days. Adjusting to a new environment and routine may take a few weeks. The older dogs tend to be better mannered from the start while the younger dogs are generally more curious and active.

Can I specify to adopt a male or female?
Yes. Males and females are always available and make equally good pets.

How long does the adoption process take?
We start the process as soon as we get your application. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to get your dog.

Do I mail the donation check with my application?
No. We will ask for the donation at the time of adoption.

What will my greyhound need?
Leash and safety collar (this can be purchased from us at the time of adoption), crate, bowls, blanket or bed, high quality, adult formula dry dog food. Love. Annual veterinary care. Recomended foods are: California Natural, Innova, Healthwise, Solid Gold Hund 'N' Flocken, Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Wysong, Nutro Natural Choice.

Adoption Fees ...



Adoption Form

Name_________________ Day Ph#____________  Eve Ph #__________

Address___________________________  City_____________ State_________ Zip___________

 1. In what type of housing do you reside ___ Apt/Condo ___ Townhouse ___One Family

 2. Do you ___own or ___rent. 

    If rent, does landlord permit dogs? __ Yes __No __ Not Sure

 3. Do you have a fenced yard? __Yes __No   Height of fence_____

 4. Household makeup: # of Adults ___  # of Children ___ Ages of Children _________

 5. Does anyone in the household have allergies? ____Yes ____No

 6. Which family member will have the major responsibility of caring for the dog? 

 7. How many hours a day will the dog normally be left alone? ______

 8. How close is your nearest neighbor? ________

 9. Do any of your neighbors' pets come into your yard? ____Yes ___ No

10. a] Will this be your first pet? ____Yes _____No

    b] What type of pets did you previously own? ____Dogs ____Cats ____ Other

    c] What happened to them? ________________________________________

    d] What pets do you currently own? ______ Dogs/Breeds_________________________ 

                                       ______ Cats  ________________________ Other

    e] If you currently own a dog(s), is it spayed/neutered? ___ Yes   ___ No , M__F__

    f] If you currently own a cat(s), is it an ___indoor or ___ indoor/outdoor cat? 

11. Who is your current veterinarian? (NAME & TELEPHONE NUMBER) 

    What last name & pet name are the vet records under? _________________

12. Why do you want to adopt a Greyhound?____________________________ 

13. What sex do you prefer?  ____Male    ____Female

14. Do you agree to have your Greyhound spayed/neutered? ______

15. Where will your Greyhound spend the majority of its time? ________

16. Are you willing to use a crate to train your Greyhound? ______

17. Do you agree to return your Greyhound to us if you are unable to keep it?______ 

18. Can we visit your home?______ 

19. Are you willing to provide us with follow-up reports?______ 

20. When will you be ready to take a dog? _________________

21. How did you hear about N.J. Greyhound Adoption Program?______________ 

22. Do you use chemicals on your lawn (i.e., Lawn Doctor, Chemlawn)?______ 


NJ Greyhound Adoption Program
Please E-Mail Your application or call us for hard copy.
Phone: 908-713-9344
To E-Mail your application: select & copy all text from the word "Adoption form" at the top through question # 22 at the bottom; then paste this into your email application. Be sure to respond to each line item, and forward the questions & answers in your email.

Important! - Include "Greyhound Request" to your subject line of your email!
Email: jmrtlr@gmail.com

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