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The number of unwanted animals that must be euthanized in our shelters each year is tragic. Sadly, about 49,000 animals died in our shelter in the State of New Jersey last year alone. Many thousands more suffered far worse fates through abandonment, neglect, starvation, and other forms of abuse. A MAJOR cause of all these problems stems from unwanted litters. You can do much to help to reduce these tragedies by having your own pets spayed and neutered. Spay/Neuter is a part of being a RESPONSIBLE pet owner. Not only will you STOP adding to the surplus of companion animals, you will be helping your pet medically because spayed/neutered animals are much less prone to certain forms of cancer and other diseases. The City of Paterson's Animal Control and S.T.A.R.T. 2( Save the Animal Reascue Team 2) would like to offer LOW COST spaying or neutering for your pet. The program will be available 4 (four) times a year and is OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF THE CITY OF PATERSON ONLY .All you need to have is transportation to bring and pickup your animal from the vet. It's that easy! Contact Marge at 201-797-8861 or the Animal Control Center for information on how to make an appointment.

Who We Are

The Paterson Animal Control/Shelter is a municipal animal shelter that provides a wide range of services and activities for the City of Paterson and two of its surrounding towns.The staff members of this divison are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year to respond to emergency situations. *FREE RABIES CLINIC* The City of Paterson offers free rabies inoculations for dogs and cats whose owner lives in the State of New Jersey.At no charge to the owner.This important aspect of pet care is offered once a year for an entire week at each firehouse within the city.

Adopting a friend

Any questions regarding adoptions please call the shelter at the given telephone number or call Margie at 201-797-8861.

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If you would like to visit the Paterson Animal Shelter please call for the hours of operation.
Paterson Animal Control
44 Ryle Road

Paterson, NJ 07505
Phone: 973-881-3640

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