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If you have adopted from us or Metro Pets/Westside Animal Rescue and need to give up your adopted pet to us, we will take them back right away and happily find foster care. Due to an overwhelming amount of owner surrendered cats and rescued cats and kittens, we are closed for general intake from the public until further notice.
Who We Are

Only Hope Cat Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer, foster home based rescue organization. Our driving force is our mutual love for animals and our support of each other's needs during crisis situations. We have put together quite an extended family of cat lovers, who have given our rescues wonderful, loving homes. We never expected that from this passion of ours, we would meet so many interesting and wonderful people.

Animal rescue is a painful and heart wrenching life. We encounter cruelties and suffering most people never see. However, we experience great joy when these little lives get all the love and care they deserve and we continue to fight for them.

The following is an email update from one of our adopters: They adopted Hank & Hannah. We found them on the FDR Drive on the side of the highway at 3 months of age. They ran up to us as they were being cared for by a local homeless man who wanted us to get them a home so they would not be hit by a car like their mommy

Hank and Hannah are doing beautifully. They are both so smart and they have the most amazing personalities! Believe it or not, Hank is my constant companion – a real Mommy’s boy! He loves to be hugged and cuddled and still climbs under the covers almost every night and sucks on my t-shirt until he goes to sleep. He’ll amuse himself for hours with balls and catnip toys. He likes to climb up Franks legs to sit on his shoulder. And he loves to play fetch. He has a favorite catnip toy and if we tell him to get the “baby” he finds it and brings it right to us. Now Hannah is Frank’s girl. She has the most adorable squeaky little meow. She knows when Frank’s coming home and waits at the kitchen window for him every day. You would think she was a dog the way she cries when he’s coming up the walk. She wants him (and only him) to hold her - constantly. She even cries outside the bathroom when he's in the shower. Of course when Frank’s not around she’ll settle for me. Hannah loves to be played WITH – and she lets you know it. She’s our little “cat bandit” and can open just about anything! She’s a riot - some mornings we wake up to find every door and drawer open. I can’t tell you how many latches and locks we’ve installed. We’ve practically had to childproof the house. She is very vocal and will lead us to whatever her toy of choice is at the moment. But her best antic was the day she stole a whole package of defrosting steaks from the counter and very proudly brought them downstairs to Frank. They both love to play with those little furry mice. They bat them back and forth to each other with amazing accuracy. I can’t even imagine how many of these are under our furniture. They do take wonderful care of each other. Hank still grooms Hannah every day – and she just lays back and enjoys it! She was vomiting last week so I wanted the vet to check her out. (I told you I’m neurotic) We’re not sure what caused it and she’s fine. The Vet hydrated her and gave her something for the vomiting. When we came in the door Hank practically opened the carrier himself, he was so anxious to get to her. Can you tell we’re crazy about them? I can’t believe that April will be one year that they have been with us. If ever you are up our way, please stop by. I would love for you to see them. Your organization is amazing and we can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Anne

Adopting a friend
We have many programs and events to help you find your new cat or kitten. We are based in New Jersey and Manhattan. By emailing you can be on your way to finding that special pet. We always work with you to find a match.
Make an appointment!
Please note: Our adoption appointments are in New York City OR By Appointment Meet N Greet in your home. If you are unable to come to NYC, email anyway as we may be able to accomodate you. We will adopt within 60 miles of the NYC area.
Only Hope Cat Rescue, Inc.
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