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We have lots of great ferrets for animal friendly people that can provide a great home and some attention and you will be rewarded with love and affection. These little thieves will take and hide almost anything but I guarantee they will steal your heart.

Our Needs are few but important

We have never turned a ferret in need away and because of this we have a very high vet bill and any donations sent to;
Mike Weiss DVM
352 Greentree Road
Sewell, NJ 08080

or to us at;

SJ Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary
59 Berlin Road
Gibbsboro, NJ 08026

or an online sponsorship or one time donation to one of our unadoptables at

would be greatly appreciated. Also, we can always use ferret equipment in good shape, towels and tee shirts for bedding and ferret food as well as volunteers for ferret playtime and pooper scooping.

Who We Are

Cheryl & Steve operate a no kill ferret rescue, shelter and sanctuary located in Gibbsboro, New Jersey at 59 Berlin Road.

Adopting a friend

We insist that you take your new adoptee to a ferret knowledgeable vet within a month. We ask for a $60.00 per ferret and we also supply the paperwork to apply for a NJ exotic license. We have fully outfitted used cages available starting at $120.00.

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SJ Ferret Rescue Sanctuary
59 Berlin Road
Gibbsboro, NJ 08026
Phone: 856-784-6789
FAX 856-627-8332
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