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Who We Are

Recycled Russells is a private rescue for Jack Russell Terriers. We are dedicated to finding ideal homes for these unwanted dogs. Jack Russells are not the breed for everyone. Most people tend to relinquish their dogs to rescue because they didn't spend the time to research the breed. I founded Recycled Russells in 1998. I am lucky to have a partner who assists me in rescue, Chi Walling in PA. She understands this breed and know how to properly screen for good homes.

About the Breed

Jack Russells are a hunting breed which can make them difficult to live with. They find anything small, fast and furry fair game! They were originally bred to hunt fox in England but here in America they hunt a variety of quarry. Their hunting nature tends to tempt them to stray in an unfenced environment. This has made being hit by a car the number one killer of the breed.
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Adopting a friend

While some of our dogs are under the age of 5 the majority of our rescues are middle-aged (5-9 yrs. old). Most are housetrained. Many are turned over to rescue due to divorce, because the owner is moving to a "no pets" residence (often a nursing home), or even due to the death of the owner. Some of our rescues have been picked up as strays, and we save many of them from being euthanized in shelters. We evaluate our rescues in our homes; they live with our own dogs while waiting for their new families. We have them vet checked and spayed or neutered, we bring them up to date on shots, we take care of basic medical needs such as dental cleanings, heartworm and intestinal parasite screening and elimination, and cyst removal if necessary. Our rescue dogs all leave with the AVID microchip so we can track them should they get lost. They are bathed and groomed before going to their new homes. Although we thoroughly evaluate our rescue dogs, we cannot guarantee health or temperament.


We offer behaviorial and training counselling. Our goal is to have every JR loved and happy in its home. If we can help keep your dog with you by assisting you with training advice, we'd be more than happy to help. Our members are very knowledgeable; we have many years' worth of JR and rescue experience. We provide lifetime support to anyone adopting a rescue dog from us.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are donations to Recycled Russells, not payment for value received, and are primarily based on the age and health of a particular dog, and our expenses. Please understand, Recycled Russells is not a shelter, and we are not subsidized (most shelters are). Donations for senior and special needs dogs are generally $35-$100, while adoption fees for our other rescues normally range from $125-$400. The adoption fee for all purebred puppies is $250. Completion of Adoption Application does not guarantee approval. All dogs subject to prior adoption.

Getting Started

So you've decided you would like to adopt a rescue JR! What next? You can also print and fax our application to 609-714-2696. The application is on our website at Recycled Russells Application. The application is on 3 pages so be sure to print all of the pages.

Fax an Adoption Application to (609) 714-2696the fax. If you are not online and need an Adoption Application call Patti at (609) 714-2649. The information you provide on the application will enable us to better identify an appropriate and compatible JR companion for you. Once you have been approved, your name will go on our adoption waiting list. Please understand that we are an all-volunteer organization, and most of us have full-time jobs and family obligations in addition to the rescue work we do. We apologize if things seem to move slowly, but we are doing the best we can! The number of rescue dogs we have available at any given time varies, with the greatest number of dogs coming into rescue during the summer months and around holidays. The more flexible you are in terms of gender and age, the sooner we will be able to find you your new companion. Please keep in mind that "everybody" would like a young, healthy purebred JR. But we get very few of these into rescue. Most of our dogs are in the prime of middle age. Some are mixes, and some have minor special needs.

For reasons unknown, we get more males than females into rescue. A neutered male JR makes a sweet and wonderful pet, maybe even more so than a female. (Some females have a tendency to be a little "bossy!") If you already have a JR be sure to adopt the opposite sex. This breed suffers from same sex aggression. Almost all of our rescues are housetrained, settled, and past the puppy chewing stage, and very anxious to find a new family to love. These are the dogs that really need you, and would love to be by your side for the rest of their lives! Since with good care and TLC JR's often live to age 14 or 15 or longer, a 6 or 8-year-old will have many good years to spend as part of your family. If you insist on adopting a dog under 2 or 3 years of age, please be prepared to wait for several months. We would be happy to refer you to reputable breeders in your local area, if you have your heart set on a puppy.

Visiting Hours

We are not a shelter and do not have regular visiting hours. Many of our dogs are in foster care so we arrange visits by appointment only. We have dogs in foster care in NJ and PA.
Recycled Russells
103 Church Rd.

Medford, NJ 08055
Phone: 609-714-2649


Recycled Russells
2350 WeissRd.

Quakertown, Pa 189951
Phone: 215-529-5989


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