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Calling all foster mommies and daddies, WE NEED YOUR HELP! --- We can only rescue as many beagles as we can house in foster homes. There are beagles out there that need us but we can't help them without YOU. Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Think about what you are giving back to a dog that has been neglected or abused or is no longer wanted. You are offering love and patience that they may have never experienced before. Please help the beagles --- send an email to for further info on how to become a foster parent or other ways that you may be able to assist us!


The decision to bring a rescue beagle into your home should not be taken lightly. Our goal is to find each beagle his or her ‘forever’ home. This being said, many rescue beagles have social, emotional, behavioral, and/or housetraining issues. Most, if not all issues CAN be worked through with time, patience, commitment, and training. We therefore do our best to match up our beagles with the most suitable home possible, so you may need to wait until an appropriately matched beagle can be found for you.

Once that is done, however, prepare yourself for one of the most rewarding experiences you may ever have... sharing your life with a rescue beagle.

To adopt from us, please read the adoption guidelines below:

1. Fill out our online application form here.

2. We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 48 hours. Once you've submitted your application form, please allow us 2 weeks to process your application. If you are looking for a very young pup or something very specific (13" male 1-2 yrs. old) it may take longer for you to hear from us -- we won't call unless we have something that is near your request.

3. We will notify you via email when your application is approved to make an appointment for your interview and to meet the dogs. Appointments are offered at your convenience, and as our schedule permits. (Remember, we have a family too, and occasionally have to make time for family events!)

4. All adoptions require a personal visit -- we do not ship dogs to a new home.

5. Applicants with children 8 years of age or younger, and/or no recent dog ownership, are required to have a fenced-in yard. Occasional exceptions are made if there is a history of recent beagle ownership.

6. All current pets must be up to date on shots and heartworm preventative. We have no reason to believe that our dog will be given better vet care than those already in your possession, and we've spent time and money to be sure our dogs are healthy when adopted. We will not risk that required follow-up care will be neglected.

7. An adoption fee of $180 is required at time of adoption. This partially reimburses us for the cost of your dog's spay/neuter, shots, heartworm test (and treatment, if necessary), microchip, and other expenses. Occasional special needs or senior dogs qualify for a reduction in the adoption fee.

8. Please have the courtesy to call us and cancel your application if you find a dog elsewhere. We are volunteers, work a full-time job, and our time and resources are precious to us and the dogs we are trying to help.


We do not have a location for you to visit. All of our beagles are either in foster care, or with their current owners. However, you can visit our website at SOS Beagle Rescue

Please contact us at:


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