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Annual Parade of Rescues
Its' Fun, It's Free, and It's Just for Rescue!
Since the very first DDBS National Specialty in 1998, the DDBS has honored the rescue Dogues de Bordeaux by having a special parade just for them!
This Parade is held during the National Show Weekend. It is a chance for all rescues and their families to be shown off, regardless if they came from DDBS rescue, another rescue organization, a shelter, the streets or any situation.
All Rescued Dogues and their families are invited. Join us for a full day of fun with friends and Dogues from all over the USA, with dog games, costume contest, longest drool, longest tongue, best kisser, spay/neuter conformation, temprament testing, CGC, and the Parade of Rescues as well as fun for humans such as raffles and auctions to help DDBSA Rescue continue to operate each year (this is our biggest fund raiser!).
Each rescue dog will receive a winners medallion from the DDBSA for being a #1 Dogue de Bordeaux and a goody bag loaded with items from our sponsors.
For more info on our next National Show, please visit
To receive a show premium with all the details, location, hotels, etc., please email the rescue at with your full name and address or go to the DDBSA website at

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Who We Are

The Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America Rescue, Inc. exists to place stray or abandoned Dogue de Bordeaux in adoptive homes, which will provide a high level of care and where the spirit of the DDBSA Code of Ethics is observed. The rescue will assist Bordeaux owners, who for any reason, can no longer provide a home for their dog.
The Dogue de Bordeaux Society Rescue of America is in need of help from volunteers to assist in evaluating temperaments, transportation, and fostering our rescued Bordeaux. If you can help in any way, please print, fill out, and mail the Volunteer Form to:
Dogue de Bordeaux Society Rescue
7160 Goodrich Hwy.
Oakland, OR 97462
If you are interested in Fostering, you must complete the Volunteer Form).

All forms and info can be found on our website at

Dogue de Bordeaux Society Rescue of America, Inc
A national rescue organization for the Dogue de Bordeaux
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