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We are always in need of foster homes for our cats; please email us if you can temporarily care for a cat with special needs

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Hope intransitive verb, to cherish a desire with anticipation. BLANKET .THE LUCKY STAR WITH CARE AND TREATMENT OF STRAYS Yes we go the extra mile to save a life! Here is one of our recent unbelievable stories: During the summer of 2015, a Finnish couple vacationing in Istanbul, Turkey, rescued a five-day-old kitten and lovingly cared for it for six weeks. When they returned home, they left the kitten, now named Blanket, with a local vet, who in turn left him with a local rescue/TNR group that had been started by Tina, an American who had been in Turkey for a few years with her husband but who had since returned to the United States. As Tina still worked with the group she started, she found an American family to adopt Blanket, who was then scheduled to arrive at JFK Airport in New York on August 1. All of the paperwork was done, and Blanket even had a passport and microchip! But then the adoptee backed out and there was only two days to find Blanket a new American home! Without one, there would have been no choice but to return him to the streets of Istanbul, as Turkish people do not see cats as pets and do not take them into their homes. SO WITH DOZENS OF E-MAILS among so many rescues-- from Istanbul to Ohio to Virginia to New Jersey to New York-- it was two of our own rescuers, Ella and Sean, who found Blanket a forever family to adopt him! (Sean remembered that the family, who had adopted from us before, was looking for an orange kitten.) A volunteer was found to pick Blanket up at the airport at midnight, and at 1:30 a.m. he was dropped off at Ella's. She took him to the vet the next morning for a checkup, then happily delivered him to his new family----Sarrah and Todd at noon the next day. ---Blankets NEW name is Sunny. . AND SO BLANKET GOT A GREAT NEW HOME! WE ALL ARE SO HAPPY THAT BETWEEN ISTANBUL, OHIO, VIRGINIA, NEW YORK AND FINALLY NEW JERSEY, thanks to the efforts of so many people, this ended up as a great story with a very happy ending.


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Who We Are

Care And Treatment of Strays (C.A.T.S) is a 501c not for profit organization. For the past fifteen years, we have been feeding, spaying/neutering and providing medical attention to over 200 stray cats in the northern New Jersey area. At the present we are caring for 6 stray cat colonies in an industrial area. We spay and neuter all our critters. They are fed twice daily and receive routine innoculations. Most of the cats are feral, however, many are very friendly towards people; they love attention and adore being held. We also have many cats whose irresponsible owners decided to dump them at our colonies. Since many of them were indoor cats they suffer tremendously from the elements as well as from lack of human contact. These are the ones we desperately try to find homes for. We experience difficulty in placing our cats due to the simple fact that we have no indoor facility where we can temporarily house them prior to placement. Our long term goal is to to raise enough money to be able to buy property where such a facility could be built. In addition to our cats, we have also rescued many dogs off the streets and from shelters where they were at risk of being euthanized.

Adopting a friend

We are dedicated to finding loving and responsible homes for our homeless animals. We will have you complete an adoption application form when we meet with you. We also ask that all members of your household be present at the time of adoption to be sure all are compatible. You must be at least 21 years old and have proper identification with your current address. We strictly enforce our policy of altering all our cats and dogs before being adopted. When adopting one of our critters, we ask that a donation is made just to cover innoculation and spay/neuter costs.

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Care And Treatment of Strays

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