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PawsAbilities is a non profit all volunteer animal rescue. Our group started in June of 2000. We are dedicated to giving strayed, abandoned and/or unwanted pets the second chance they deserve

The number of pets we accept is limited by the number of foster homes we have available. After a pet is evaluated, it is taken to a veterinarian for a general examination, vaccines and all necessary medical care is given.


Our adoption process is relatively easy. Everyone interested in adopting a pet is required to complete an "Adoption Application" To obtain an application please email PawsAbilities.

Our pets waiting for adoption are in foster care (private homes) and some in boarding. Anyone interested in adopting is required to complete an application. An application can be obtained by requesting one via email or in person at one of our adoption events. After a completed application is received an appointment can be made to meet our pets in foster homes.

Our website is updated each time a pet becomes available for adoption. Most of our pets are from Animal Control, so we never know what breed, size or age of the dogs and cats that will be waiting for us to find them homes. We also provide information on low cost spaying and neutering. PawsAbilities participates with the State Spay and Neuter Program.


A pets love is unconditional. Their devotion knows no bounds. Yet so many pets, including litters of puppies and kittens are abandoned all too often. Many will never get the second chance. Every year THOUSANDS of pets lose their lives. Sadly, most pets that are euthanized are two years old or younger. Please do your share to help end the pet over population.



The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein

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"Animal?s Savior" I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter..the cast-offs of human society, I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God", I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly, "I have done something," he replied. "I created you". by Jim Willis 1999


Our Rescue Partner

Save A Sato Org

Save A Sato is a non-profit organization dedicated to easing the suffering of Puerto Rico's homeless and abused animals. "Sato" is slang for street dog. We rescue Satos from the streets and beaches, give them medical care, food and shelter, and plenty of love. When they are healthy, they are sent to one of Save A Sato shelter partners for adoption into loving homes.

Alleviate the financial stress associated with your pet?s unexpected medical expenses and generate funds for our shelter at the same time! Here's how it works: ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs cover you when your pet needs essential veterinary care from an illness or injury. Also, every time a completed application for a ShelterCare program is generated through our shelter?s website, we automatically receive a $25 donation to help cover medical care and food. This donation is of no cost to you and provides us with essential funds. Make the right move and enroll today!


PawsAbilities Rescue operates solely on the generosity of caring people who share our love and need to help animals.. All donations are used for the pets we rescue. They receive any medical care needed to make them healthy, vaccines are updated, some dogs are taken through 6 week obedience training programs, grooming supplies, food, medication, even vitamins and nutritional supplements. Some of our rescued pets need on going medical care and we are very lucky to have a Veterinarian that will work with our group. Unfortunately medical bills still manage to add up. Many of the pets we have rescued needed expensive medical care. Though they have been adopted, their medical bills still need to be paid. A donation in any amount is appreciated. The pets "Thank You" and PawsAbilities Rescue Thanks You. All donations are tax deductible.

PawsAbilities Rescue does not have a building to keep the pets we take in. Each pet is housed in a foster home until a permanent home is found. Each pet is up to date with shots, de-wormed, cats are tested for feline aids and feline leukemia, dogs are heartworm tested. All pets are spayed or neutered if age appropriate. Any other medical care each pet needs is provided. Adoption fees do not equal the cost of medical care given.

A donation can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one or pet. The person donating can request who they want a ?Thank you? or acknowledgement for their generous gift. Donations can be sent by our paypal account or to PawsAbilities Rescue mailing address.

PawsAbilities Rescue

PO Box 822

Matawan, NJ 07747

Donate you vehicle. It doesn?t matter if it runs or not. We will make the arrangements for the vehicle to be picked up. We handle the paperwork. Your donation is tax deductible. Vehicle is appraised at Fair Market Value with IRS guidelines. Please call or email us for more info.

Thank You!!


P.O Box 822
Matawan, NJ 07747

Phone: Please Email THANK YOU

"...Saving just one pet won't change the world ...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet..."


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Special Recognition....Many Thanks to Dr Ira Niedweske, Dr Marge O'Neill, Dr. Lewis and the Iselin Veterinary staff for their limitless compassion and standard of excellence in the care they give each homeless pet we take to their office.

And to Kay Anne Stapleton, Kay9 Experience, LLC Member: Assoc. of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors and Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers (732)397-7580 who is always there to help with obedience training.


If you need to find a new home for your pet, PawsAbilities will try to assist you. If space is available a pet can be placed in a foster home. If no space is available in our foster homes, we will try to place pets from their original home directly into a new home. Pets can be taken to our adoption days.


No matter how much time you can give, your help is needed. Adoption Day Volunteers: Fundraising and flier distribution, publicity, and more.?
We are in desperate need of foster homes.? We operate without a shelter. The amount of pets we accept is limited by the number of foster homes we have available.? Medical care and food is supplied by PawsAbilities.? Can you open your heart and home to a "temporary house guest"??

Make a difference,VOLUNTEER.


Leashes, Collars and Training Collars

Dog Food & Dog Crates

Cat Food, Kitty Litter & Cat Carriers

Old Blankets, Towels & paper towels


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