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Hopatcong pound Animal Community

Hopatcong Pound Project, Inc.



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The Hopatcong Animal Pound is located at the corner of Durban Ave. and Flora Ave. The Pound is becoming a place of positive transition for our misplaced animals here in Hopatcong. With community involvement in forefront , the Hopatcong Pound Project , Inc. is changing the stigma that has been placed upon animal pounds for years. Hopatcong can be proud to say we care and the changes being made are to better serve the community and its homeless animals that cross our paths for many reasons. 
A clean , home-like environment catering to the necessity of finding new forever homes. 
We have positive adoptions , great supporters and donations to ensure their best possible care.
The Animal Pound is home to many animals in need of adoption and it also gives safe return home to stray or lost animals. We are always in need of wet cat / wet dog food , dry Purina cat chow and Kitten Chow ( yellow bag )and Litter . Towels and small paper plates as well . Lysol or wipes that are non citrus scent . 

We get animals from all circumstances including abandonment and or death of their person. 

If you need animal control assistance call the Police desk @ 973 398 5000 and ask for animal control.

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