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The PetPALS Mission...
PetPALS recognizes the importance of pets in the lives of many individuals, especially those individuals faced with a serious illness. As support, PetPALS strives to provide services to the companion animals of financially needy people living with terminal, chronic, debilitating illness as well as financially needy seniors.
Pet PAL services are limited based on established policies which include geographical location: Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and Salem County. Also, services are limited by availability of volunteers and resources.

What is PetPALS?

PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, Inc. is overseen by a Board of Directors.
A charitable corporation formed under the laws of the State of New Jersey in 1995 and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) in March of 1996. Donations to PetPALS are tax -deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All donations are welcomed.
PetPALS directs its efforts to keeping pets and their owners together as long as practical. This is achieved through the provision of supportive care for our clients companion animals. PetPALS helps with basic veterinary care, pet food, grooming and, for a short term, foster care.
PetPALS works with its clients to plan for a responsible transition for their pet, should the client no longer be able to provide a home for that pet.
PetPALS relies on PALS(Personal Animal Liaisons) who care for clients one on one, volunteer telephone coordinators who regularly respond to telephone calls received by PetPALS, returning those calls and directing people to a variety of resources, volunteer fundraisers, tabling events such as festivals and holiday photo events, also crafting contributions to the tabling efforts.
Partner veterinarians provide routine professional and emergency services at reduced rates to the organization, for the benefit of our clients. More complex medical care is provided at the discretion of PetPALS.
Partner groomers provide their services, when needed.
Volunteering An orientation is given by the Volunteer Director, after an application is completed. Anyone interested in the PAL Program must attend a second orientation.
Client Services Director is responsible for: PAL orientation, PAL meetings, client service meetings, updated client/pet information, and veterinary appointments. The PAL meetings are held every other month and allow for discussion of issues that PALS may have concern about. Confidentially is reinforced.

Services Offered by PetPALS

In-home Pet Care- We provide volunteers who can walk your dog, clean bird cages and aquariums, exercise your cat and change its litter box, or simply feed your pets.

Pet Food and Supplies- Assistance is available in obtaining pet food and supplies.

Veterinary Care- We can provide help in obtaining professional pet health care for a pet through our network of partner-veterinarians.

Foster Care- Temporary housing and care for pets are provided if the owner is hospitalized.

Adoptions- Assistance is offered in placement of pets when the human companion dies or is no longer able to maintain the pet. Please click on the links here at PetFinder if you would like to see who we have up for adoption right now. All pets adopted will only be sent to local homes, usually within the four counties we serve. The pets are not kept at the office, so please do not arrive expecting to look over the cats and dogs we have up for adoption - appointments must be made in advance.

Pet Grooming

Transportation- Our volunteers can offer transportation to grooming and veterinary appointments.

Education- We act as a resource and referral network and can provide health and educational information, including "safe pet" guidelines to owners. We also offer a speakers bureau about our programs and the issues we are concerned with.

Long-Term Planning- Assistance is offered in planning to insure for continuous pet care, and legal resources and referrals for wills and power-of-attorney documents.

Pets and People

Pet ownership brings with it very special rewards. Pets are an important part of our emotional support network. They are a source of warmth, trust, unconditional love, and they ask little in return. Studies have shown that the human-animal bond has very positive effects on emotional and physical well-being. These effects include a positive attitude, lower blood pressure, and better managed stress.

People with terminal illnesses face many changes in their lives. They all experience loss of health, while some lose financial stability, employment, and even friends. In these times, the companionship of their pets offers real emotional and psychological benefits. Their pets' love and affection are unconditional and dependable. However, sometimes people with terminal illnesses are advised to give up their pet because of certain medical considerations. They may also experience difficulty in maintaining their pets because of the financial and physical care challenges that sometimes result from their conditions.

People with Serious Illnesses and Their Pets

With proper care and understanding, pet owners with chronic and terminal illnesses may be able to keep their animals as long as possible. As long as the animals are healthy, the possibilities of human health risk of pet companionship are minimal. People with serious illnesses, are encouraged to explore this option and together with their physicians and veterinarians make the individually appropriate choice.

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