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***COMMITTED TO RESCUING THE LESS THAN "PERFECT" AND SENIORS.*** Crazy for Cockers Rescue, Inc. (CFC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. CFC is run by one person, the Founder of the organization. The Founder takes care of everything involved in the rescue of dogs including but not limited to, the initial intake of a dog, grooming, feeding, walking, training, vet visits, home checks and all administrative functions. For people not associated with rescue, please understand this is not a paying job; the Founder has a full-time job outside of the home. In addition, all dogs live inside the home; thus, there is a great deal of hands-on care. If you have contacted CFC about taking a dog in and were told CFC did not have space at a particular time, please let me explain why. Though there may only be a few dogs listed on PetFinder, the number of dogs in the Founder's care is double-digit at all times. CFC has taken in many dogs over the years that have health conditions, behavioral issues or dogs that are just very, very old. CFC has been lucky to find homes for some of the older or handicapped dogs, but those wonderful adopters are few and far between. CFC refuses to believe that older dogs are not worth saving. Rescue is not just about saving the young and the cute. Rescue is alo not about operating as an assembly line or wonderful spreadsheets showing the number of animals placed in a week's time. CFC is also one of the very few rescues that will take in the "problem" dogs. This matter deserves explanation which I will expound upon when time allows. CFC is also open to taking into rescue other small breeds of dogs, including mixes thereof. Lately, CFC has also taken in larger dogs because when a creature is in need, discrimination will not be made. First priority is still given to dogs that are in shelters, strays or in otherwise bad situations. CFC does not turn away any dog because of age, handicap or medical condition. Crazy for Cockers welcomes those senior and special needs canines! IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PLACE YOUR DOG, THERE IS A SURRENDER FEE BASED UPON THE MEDICAL AND ALTER STATUS OF THE DOG. CFC survives solely on adoption fees, surrender fees and any donations it is lucky to receive. CFC IS NOT A SHELTER. The dogs live in the Founder's home; therefore, it is appreciated that you follow the adoption procedure steps in first requesting an Adoption Application.

Adopting a Friend

Dog Adoption questionnaire      Cat Adoptoin questionnaire

The first step in the adoption process is to fill out an Adoption Application. An Adoption Application can be requested either via e-mail or by calling. Filling out an Adoption Application does not guarantee approval. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE APPOINTMENTS ARE MADE TO SEE DOGS WITHOUT AN APPROVED APPLICATION. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME APPLICATIONS YOU HAVE FILLED OUT FOR OTHER RESCUE GROUPS!! Again, please respect that dogs live in a private residence and it is not open to the public just stopping by. There is an adoption fee at the time of adoption as well as an Adoption Agreement to abide by. Every effort is made to place each dog in the proper home. CFC aims to educate people about the needs of this sensitive breed and all dogs in general. Cockers are a high maintenance breed in the sense that they require REGULAR combing and grooming, as well as the fact that they thrive on and need an abundance of attention. This is not a dog that you stick in the backyard by itself. Cockers are also more than just a pretty face and given their sporting dog background, do need a fair amount of exercise. All dogs are fully vetted, vaccinated, heartworm tested and on preventative, and altered if old enough.

Volunteering and Donations

The greatest need are monetary donations. Other items that are also always welcome are paper towels, cotton towels, postage stamps, bones/toys and generally anything else dog related!

Come Visit Us!

By appointment only, after an Adoption Application has been filled out and approved by the Founder. Long distance calls will be returned collect call.
Crazy For Cockers Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 1558
Hightstown NJ 08520
Phone: (609) 259-1664

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