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SSPSNJ is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization ~ We are a volunteer group dedicated to rescuing shelties and finding them new homes. We have been placing only shelties (or sheltie mixes) since 1992. They can be put up for adoption for allergies, moving, or any other reason. We take them into foster care, make sure they are altered and have all their shots, have them groomed and evaluate their temperments. They are then ready for adoption. We are looking for homes who want to give a sheltie a good home for life. Someone who understands how sweet, active and fun shelties are. We rarely get puppies~ most are 3 and older. IF you want a puppy, please email us and we will help you find a good responsible breeder to buy one from.

Shelties have their own unique personality. They are often active, barkers, and need a lot of stimulation. People might buy them thinking they are minature collies, but they are not. They are more active and more verbal than collies. They should be in a fenced area or on a leash at all times, because they will chase anything they see....squirrels, bikes, children, and to their owner's dismay ...... cars.

Let us help you find a sheltie that is right for you. Opening your home to a rescue will change your life forever... and we often have repeat adopters. We do not place our rescues with children under 10 unless it is specifically listed on the dog's bio that h/she is good with younger children.

Visit our webpage and click on "is a sheltie right for me"

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a shelter. Our dogs are fostered in private homes all over NJ. You must fill out an application and be set up for an appointment to see one of our fosters. Do not "just drop in". We are the only sheltie rescue in NJ, although we work with National Sheltie Rescue and are in contact with sheltie rescues all over the US.


Fill out an adoption application under adoption process at; Then e-mail or fax the application to us. Let us know if there is a dog(s) you are interested in. We will do a homecheck on all applications. Please understand that all our shelties must be in a fenced yard or on a leash at all times. We do not place to homes where the dogs are allowed to run loose. Shelties will chase cars and get hurt [or killed] if running loose.

Special Adoptions...

We found a home for one of our shelties, Ms Lucy, in Colorado. She needed a home where she had a job. She is a very active 3 yr old and loves to play ball. She is now in a home who will train her and let her be the active girl she needs to be. We want to thank Colorado rescue for getting us in touch with MariAnne, Luci's new mom. We will be proud to let you know how she is doing in the future.

We have had some wonderful people who have adopted our seniors or special needs dogs. These are dogs up to 14 yrs old, have issues, or are not what most adopters would even consider. They have taken them We could NOT do this without all the WONDERFUL ADOPTERS who have helped our shelties over the years. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU !

Adopting a senior takes a special person, are you special enough to adopt a senior ?? If you cannot give one a home, you can sponsor one with whatever you can afford. It is expensive to rescue the older ones, but we never turn a dog down for age.

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To surrender (give a dog up to us) please go to and click on Surrender Process. Then send us the application and/or call us. Please leave a message that says you need to give your dog up and we will return your call ASAP. There is no silly reason to give up your dog. Most of the time it is because a sheltie is not right for the family. People often go to pet stores and buy a sheltie on impulse because it looks like a mini-collie... it is not. Shelties are barkers and are not good in apartments or condos with thin walls. We do not refuse any sheltie, unless aggressive. We will evaluate the dog first, as shelties are herding dogs and may be mouthy. This mouthiness can be confused with biting.


Please join us for our 10th Annual Sheltie Rescue Picnic, September 27, 2015 Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; GAMES - RAFFLE - FUN -VENDORS

All shelties are welcome ~ RESCUES, whether adopted from us, a shelter or other sheltie rescue are invited for the special Parade of Rescues. Games are open to all shelties from breeders or rescue. Picnic is at Deer Path Park in Hunderdon County, NJ. 120 West Woodschurch Road Flemington, NJ 08822. Go to Hunterdon County Parks and click on Deer Path Park for directions.


Donations are always welcome. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. Foster Homes are ALWAYS Needed. We also need people to home checks for us, perhaps help transport a dog from "point A to point B".;

Shetland Sheepdog Placement of New Jersey

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