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Associated Humane Societies, Inc.

Associated Humane Societies, Inc.

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Who are we? What do we do?

Welcome to our site at Petfinder! We hope that you will find the perfect addition to your family at our shelter.

All animals adopted from the Assoicated Humane Societies are up-to-date on all innoculations, spaying/neutering, microchip identification, a pet I-D tag and a "goody-bag"! Remember, a pet is FOR A LIFETIME! If you are interested in any of the animals you see, we invite you to stop by the shelter so that you can see them in person. We are open everyday of the year, from 12PM to 6PM. All adoptions are approved by our loving staff, after evaluating your completed adoption questionaire.

We are a hands-on organization that runs three animal care centers, prints and distributes educational material, maintains a zoo for handicapped wildlife, helps prosecute animal cruelty cases, has a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, promotes protective legislation, publishes the largest humane magizine in the world, runs a nation-wide adoption program and many other services we wish we had the space to tell you about. But even with the long hours and our seven-day-a-week schedule we are never too busy to take time to give comfort and love to a frightened puppy or abandoned kitten. It's our way...the Humane Way.

Our webpage entries are updated and maintained by staff members. To reach us at one of our shelters about a dog or cat listed, please contact us by the e-mail or by phone number listed.

The AHS Share-A-Pet Program

The AHS established this program in 1978 to save the lives of dogs and cats which have been cruelly abused, handicapped, or are considered unadoptable. This program is designed for animal lovers who would like to help contribute towards the care of a homeless dog or cat. Participants may take part by contributing as little as $10.00 a month which will be designated for the care of a particular animal available for your choosing. All animals in this program are neutered and sent to the Animal Haven Farm. Donations are tax deductable and an update about your animal will be sent every four months.

AHS At Newark, NJ
124 Evergreen Avenue
Newark Airport
Newark, NJ 07114
Phone: 973-824-7080
Fax: 973-824-2720
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AHS At Tinton Falls, NJ
2960 Shafto Road, on Route 547
Tinton Falls, NJ 07753
2 miles from Rt. 33-34, Parkway exit #102(S), Parkway exit #100B(N)
Phone: 732-922-0100
Fax: 732-922-4032
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AHS At Forked River, NJ
Humane Way at Lacey Road
PO Box 43
Forked River, NJ 08731
Exit 74(S) off Parkway, Turn left and go approx. 8 miles. This is where the Popcorn Park Zoo is located.
Phone: 609-693-1900
Fax: 609-693-8404
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