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Associated Humane Societies features cats, dogs, kittens and puppies for adoption at our three shelters located in Newark, Forked River, and Tinton Falls. Small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits may occasionally be available for adoption as well. The Society takes in approximately 15,000 animals annually, and although that figure includes wildlife, the larger proportion is cats and dogs who wait for their `forever home'. Approximately 25% of our dogs for adoption are purebred, and a smaller amount for cats, but they are no more or less lovable than the mixed breeds or many domestic shorthairs we accept. Some of our animals are strays, some turn-ins, and some are confiscations and/or victims of cruelty. We work hard to find those "little old dogs" special homes as well as homes together for pets who have come in together. And we always give extra attention to handicaps who need a little something extra. .

*** With your application, please bring proof of home ownership. If you rent a notarized letter from your landlord stating that you are allowed to have pets or a copy of your lease stating the same. If you live in a condo or townhouse we would also need to see a copy of the condo association’s rules and regulations as to allowing pets or a copy of your lease with that information. ***

Each and every animal we place is important to us, and we want to be sure that the right home is a perfect match for the new pet. Screening prospective homes is part of our task, and that begins with our application. We require complete information from each applicant to assure that the new pet will receive proper veterinary care in the future, is approved in rental homes or condo communities, and will be kept in a healthy, secure and appropriate manner. Between the application, personal interview and observed interaction with the cat or dog under consideration, staff will decide upon the suitability of any particular animal for that home. Those interested in adopting a cat or dog should go to the front desk at any of our shelters and request an application as the first step in the process. We also make available an online application for those who have seen animals of interest through our site or Petfinder, and these individuals can have the first step approved online.The Society is also greatly assisted in our placement efforts through the appearance of animals here online, in the HUMANE NEWS, on Petfinder, and through the help of qualified rescue organizations.

For the protection of the animals in our care, the Society has a list of policies and guidelines that will assure the happiest of endings for the new pet and its family. This list is available at the front desk of each of our shelters and in reading it and signing it, adopters understand the importance of certain protocols. For example, we are very careful in our adoptions of small and/or young kittens and puppies to families with children under five years of age or homes where there may be many children of young ages. Small children are often lacking in coordination and unintentionally injure tiny animals. To prevent such trauma, we help families select the best pet for everyone in the household.

An approved adoption application is required for the adoption process to proceed.  Our fees are $110.00 for mixed breed pupies/dogs and $150.00 & up for purebreds excluding altering fees of $85.00 for a male and $95.00 for a female.  Our feline fees are $75.00 complete.  However, if the animal you adopt is too young to be altered, a refundable deposit of $200.00 will be required at the time of adoption.


Who We Are

The Associated Humane Societies, founded in 1906, is the largest animal sheltering system in New Jersey. We comprise three shelters located in Newark, Forked River, and Tinton Falls . Our Forked River facility also includes Popcorn Park. Established in 1977, Popcorn Park is a sanctuary for abandoned, injured, ill, exploited, abused or elderly wildlife, exotic and farm animals, and birds.

The Society is a not for profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, and Popcorn Park is also a federally licensed zoo. The Society prides itself on our devotion to the thousands of animals that we care for annually and the chance for a better life we offer them.

Please visit our website AHSCares.org for additional information


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Our Newark Animal Care Center is located at 124 Evergreen Avenue, Newark, NJ and is opened 7 days a week from 9:00am-5:30pm.  Our adoption hours are 12:00-5:00pm.  We are located in close proximity to Newark Liberty International Airport and all major highways.

Please visit during our adoption hours and meet your new best friend.  We have over 200 dogs of all shapes and sizes and tons of furry felines just waiting for you.

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