Northern New England Westie Rescue Inc

A 501c3 Charity

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Northern New England Westie Rescue Inc is a fully volunteer organization with no person involved profiting from their association with the endeavor. We are a recognized 501c3 charity so donations to NNEWR are fully tax deductible. In addition, we are registered with the Attorney Generals of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire as registered charities, and our financial reports are submitted to both states and the Internal Revenue Service every year. All of the documentation concerning our organization can be found on our donation Page!
We are primarily,although not exclusively, a puppy mill rescue organization saving dogs from horrific situations in the midwest and moving them to loving homes in New England. Please take a moment and read our Puppy Mill Rescue Guide to learn about puppy mill dogs. Our dogs normally spend a period of time at the home of our founder in Kansas. She socializes the dogs and shows them what it means to be loved. It's a bit of a miracle frankly, and she has gathered around her a group of individuals who love dogs and want to save as many dogs as is humanly possible. We encourage you to join us in that work... donate, foster or adopt, it all will come back to you 10 fold.
In addition to the puppy mill rescue work, we also solicit and receive dogs from animal shelters, where they would normally be euthanized, and work to rehabilitate their issues and ultimately find them loving permanent homes with families who can continue to work on whatever issues they might have thus providing them with a safe and secure environment to spend the rest of their lives.
Want to adopt a dog... please fill out an Adoption form!. We normally ask for a donation of $450 to cover the medical and rescue costs, and once you fill out an application we will contact you concerning your circumstances and experience with terriers. Frankly we're a bit protective about our dogs. They've lead horrible lives, and we want to insure that we are placing them in the right home. We like to visit and see where our dogs will live, and to insure we find you exactly the right dog. Once we've met you, we'll arrange for a dog to be transported from Kansas to New England. Unfortunately it's generally not possible to meet the dog prior to adoption because of the cost of transportation, but fear not, because if for some reason the adoption doesn't work out, we'll find the right home for the dog, and find another dog which might be a better fit. It doesn't happen very often, but we absolutely are committed to insuring that we have a perfect fit between dog and family.
Questions??? Drop us a line and we'll be happy to call you and discuss your concerns.

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