Don't Dump That Dog Rescue

Don't Dump That Dog Rescue

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Up coming events!
NH only-The month of May I will lower the adoption fee to 250.00 to any mothers! This adoption fee includes spay/neuter, shots, micro chip,fecal, health cert. I also deliver. If you would like to meet a dog email me at I'm happy to meet you.

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Dog of the month

Leopold-He is about 2 years old, very funny guy, good with other dogs, okay with older kids. Look for more info on his page.

Wish list
Blankets, towels, crates size Med/large/xlarge,cleaning supplies,dog food, treats, toys, and anything that you may think we can use. Email me and I'll pick it up, or meet half way.

Fosters are always needed! If you would like to foster a dog small, med, or large please email me at Right now I have a variety of dogs here waiting for forever homes. Yes! you can adopt the dog if you fall in love. Fostering a dog helps get a dog ready for a new life. They don't get as attached as we do. It's like baby sitting.

News has been very helpful in giving dogs a new way of life. Dogs have a life and can enjoy the things they missed. It makes them very happy. Fandango's story on there site. Sadly Fandango lost his battle with cancer last July. He will never be forgot we all loved him dearly.

Who We Are

We are a small group and do not have a shelter open to the public. We set up meeting, We visit people with dogs at there home, after application is looked at. I have limited help with dogs, so if you would like to help email us and we will find out what you can help with. There is always something.

Adopting a friend

We have many types of dogs available and want to make sure the pet you choose to adopt is the right one for your family.
Pit bulls must be contained in a secure area and are not allowed in most rentals. You must own the home and check your home owners insurance to see if you can have a pitbull. Be willing to if needed bring a dog for training. Understand what it's like to own a dog, a lot of people talk about. I pitbull will change your life forever with it's love it gives. A commitment to a pitbull is worth it in every way. They are smart and learn fast. Most are safe with small children but the history of most shelter dogs is none. Some of the dogs I have I've had sense pups but they have not been around a lot of small children and none have ever showed aggression on to humans. A pitbull will over come abuse, neglect, and rise above 99% of the time. They love there owner no matter how horrible they are. Pitbulls are the most over bred dog in the US and every shelter has them. Each female could have a litter of 8-10 pups every year. Most end up in homes that don't have enough time. 90% of dogs getting euthanized in the USA are pitbulls. Spay and neuter!
Mass~ Has many cities that have breed laws. Before asking check your local laws about dogs.
A pitbull is a strong dog and need plenty of room to play and get energy out. They are my favorite breed and I want to make sure they stay safe. I have many with needs you may not be able to handle, maybe you can.
Handy capped issues and personality issues. Please email and ask any questions. They are all great dogs and it wont hurt to ask anything you maybe concerned about. I be leave a dog should be a family member and not a "outside dog". A out side dog gets board sitting with no human to be with. You try it..

Want to meet a dog? Email for appointment please

You can email us and set up an appointment to meet any dog. We want to make sure it's the right match for you and your family. I have had weekend visits to see how it go's. No matter what If it is not working out I will gladly come and get the dog.
Don't Dump That Dog Rescue

Raymond , NH 03077

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