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Please call Bonnie at 603 835-6154 if you are looking for a small dog to adopt. We have stopped shipping dogs until the fall, due to hot weather. However, we do have some dogs that we are preparing to send in the fall. NH Small Dog Rescue is a registered non-profit corporation and a licensed animal shelter. Please contact us if you would like to donate to help a sato come to New England. We are very grateful for donations, which go directly to pay costs for dogs currently being rescued. NH Small Dog Rescue works with a number of independent rescuers to take stray dogs, called SATOS, off the streets of Puerto Rico. We spay or neuter and vaccinate them, test and treat any diseases or parasites, and get them into great condition for adoption in New Hampshire. We transport mainly smaller dogs from the island, since larger breeds are readily available at local NH shelters. The dogs are fostered at our homes in Alstead, NH (or in Lajas, Puerto Rico during the winter months) until we know the dog well and can make a really good match. We want your dog to have the right temperament to become a treasured member of your family and to fit comfortably into your situation. Did you know that Satos are known for their sweet temper and affectionate personality?

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Our minimum adoption fee is $375 for neutered dogs. Un-neutered puppies are $275, plus a $100 deposit that we will send directly to your vet when the puppy is old enough for the surgery. NH has passed a law that adds significantly to our costs by requiring at least 2 days of licensed quarantine, plus a second Health Certificate in addition to the one required for travel from Puerto Rico. Since the adoption fee sometimes does not cover our costs, we are grateful when you can contribute more. Our contract stipulates that if things don't work out as expected, you may return the dog within 2 weeks and receive back your full adoption fee. We have recently placed our 311th dog! We are happy to provide references from our vet and from families who have adopted from us.

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NH Small Dog Rescue is located in Alstead, New Hampshire, about half an hour north of Keene, one and a quarter hours west of Concord, and one hour south of Hanover. We are an hour north of Brattleboro, VT and 20 minutes east of Bellows Falls. In the winter months dogs are shipped to one of our volunteers, and the adoption takes place at our licensed home shelter.
New Hampshire Small Dog Rescue

Alstead, NH 03602

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