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How to Adopt a Happy Dog

Adoption fee for dogs: $565 (this includes $140 non-refundable transport fee from the south to New England and a non-refundable $85 quarantine fee)

The fee covers:

Age-appropriate DA2PP, or similar distemper/parvo vaccinations
Interstate health certificate and pre-transport vet visit
spay/neuter (or voucher for pups who are too young)
rabies vaccine, if veterinarian issuing the health certificate deems the dog old enough
bordatella vaccine (kennel cough) for pups over 12 wks
broad-spectrum worming, as indicated on vet sheet
our rescue adheres to a specific pre-transport vetting regimen, approved by our rescue vets
all dogs are either heartworm negative or have been treated for heartworm under the advisement of our rescue veterinarians
flea/tick preventative AND/OR flea/tick bath
temperament test
Our veterinarian in New Hampshire will see your dog again upon arrival and your dog will have a 48-hour state mandated quarantine. Our veterinarian will examine your dog, perform a fecal exam and re-issue a second health certificate prior to your taking your dog home. Your dog will reside at this facility, which has medical staff on hand 24 hours a day
Adopters are given all vet records in a packet
All our dogs and pups are fed grain-free food and the adopters are given a sample packet of food upon pick-up

All our puppies and dogs have been well-socialized and handled a lot by their loving foster home caregivers. We cannot guarantee a fully housetrained puppy or dog.

All dogs being transported from the Hoosier Division are transported by Happy Dogs USA. All dogs coming from TN will be transported via a commercial transport company who is licensed.

Check website for more details about our group and our personalized adoption process. Our group strives to find the best home for each dog and we want each adopter to find the best dog for his or her family. Many Happy Dogs are waiting for their forever homes.

To adopt, you must first fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION to speak with an adoption counselor, who will go over any questions you may have and guide you through the adoption. Microchip implantation can be arranged directly with your adoption counselor. Additional charges apply.

Happy Dogs of New England, Inc. is a nonprofit organization within New Hampshire and we are licensed with the State of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture. Happy Dogs USA has a 5013 pending. Our FEIN is 27-0339233.

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Happy Dogs of New England

Email: HappyDogsNE@gmail.com
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