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Donate a Thundershirt!

Please do your research. Great Pyrs Bark,Shed, Roam & some Drool!!! They require a fenced yard to keep them safe, you will not train them to stay in the yard. Invisible fencing will not keep most contained. Great Pyrenees are GUARDIANS by nature with a very strong protective nature. They are stubborn, strong willed dogs-they are not for first time dog owners!


We as a non profit rely on donations and adoption fees to continue to save lives. We never seem to get ahead and have several long time fosters or unadoptables. Feeding high quality food, buying heart worm preventatives, flea/tick preventatives, vet care, transport fees,etc all use up our funds. How can you help? We are always need donations of: Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream, 4Health Salmon and Sweet potato(Tractor Supply), Large Kongs, Good quality loaf style canned food( not chunks in gravy), Milk Bones, Raw Marrow Bones, 3-4", Flea/tick preventatives for dogs over 50#, Heart-Gard Plus, Whitening Shampoo, Old Blankets/Comforters. Of Course monetary donations help too: $5 will buy a leash or collar, $12 will buy heartworm preventative for 1 month, $15 will protect a dog from fleas and ticks for 1 month, $35 will provide 1 round of puppy vaccinations, $45 will feed a dog quality dog food for 1 month, $80 - $100 will spay or neuter a dog in the South before coming north ($250-$350 in New England), $130-$175 will transport a dog north, $500 will treat a dog for heartworm disease in New England. Volunteer: WE NEED FOSTER HOMES!!! Help with transport, home visits,dog walking.

Kuranda Dog Beds

We are always in need of foster homes and volunteers


check out our website www.pyrsandpaws.org

Please also visit our main rescue Lonestar Pyrs & Paws-Texas at www.petfinder.com/shelters/TX1144.html. They have many adoptable dogs and we are pleased to announce PETS now transports from the Dallas area!!!

Who We Are

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) rescue and the northern branch of the original Lonestar Pyrs & Paws located near Dallas, Texas. We are based out of Ascutney, VT but we have foster dogs all around New England. We are not a shelter facility but a rescue who have dogs in foster homes. After adopting my own Great Pyrenees puppy from Paige in Texas, we decided we wanted to try placing pyrs and other big paws up here in the north where it is cooler. There are so many "pyrs" needing rescue in the south

We had no idea how well this new venture would take off. As we are a very small rescue with less than a handful of volunteers savings these gentle giants, PLEASE have patience, it could take a bit for us to return your e-mail and phone calls as we all work, have families and pets. Our dogs are fostered in our homes NOT in a facility PLEASE remember this when calling late at night!


Before applying to adopt a dog please do your homework and make sure this is the breed for you. Did you know that most Great Pyrenees bark ALOT and if they don't have a fenced in yard they WILL wander, which is why so many end up in shelters. Invisible fencing do not work with these dogs we strongly recommend you have visible fencing or ALWAYS keep your pyr on a leash

After filling out an application, we will call you and ask you questions to make sure that dog would be a good match for you and your family. We will also do reference checks including talking with your vet and a home visit. Most applications are processed within a week or two. The adoption fee is $400 for adults and $450 for pups under 1 year unless otherwise noted. Almost half of the adoption fee goes to transporting the dog north. Almost all dogs we take in require spay/neuter and routine shots and treated for parasites. Most have other minor health issues. The adoption fee barely covers our costs and we are in the red most of the time. While it may seem like alot of money, you are receiving a fully vetted dog and your adoption fee goes to help save more lives

If you are interested in any of our great dogs, please fill out an application as soon as possible. We have had some people miss out on the dog they wanted by not sending in an application right away. We also encourage you to do an application first to get approved, then find the pyr-fect friend! We do a phone interview and call your references as well as a home visit

HELP!!! We need FOSTER homes for our dogs!!!

Typically a adult dog will stay 2 weeks to 2 months. Please consider opening your heart and home to save a life. If a pyr is not your breed, we will work with you and YOUR CHOICE of breeds to save a life!!! Please help. You supply the love, nuturing, basic obedience, we will supply crates, food and vet care

We have Great Pyrenees waiting to come up to New England. There are a lot of Pyrs in need in the south, unfortunately we have a never ending supply looking for forever homes. People ask why there are so many down south. There are many farms and pyrs are livestock guardians, NOT herding dogs. They do not spay and neuter and pyrs wander off the farm and end up in shelter, most are never reclaimed.

We are also now working with shelters in Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennesse, Kentucky, Arkansas & Georgia.

Great Pyrenees originated from the mountains in France as livestock guardian dogs, not herding dogs. Please research this breed before adopting. While they are majestic beautiful dogs they are not for everyone

We can't change the world, but we can change a few dog's worlds. Please adopt, not shop!

Did you know that 75-80% of dog owners have their dogs for less than 2 years!!!


We are a small rescue where all of the adoption fees go back into helping more dogs. Rescuing dogs and transporting them north is expensive and we are in the red most of the time. Your donation WILL make a difference. It could help us save just one more dog from a shelter! One more LIFE!!!Please consider sponsoring a dogs transport north if you cannot adopt.

Wish list: We are in need of chainlink dog kennel or panels,welded wire livestock fencing, towels & blankets & good quality dog & puppy food, frontline flea preventative & heartworm preventative.

We also NEED FOSTERS in the New England area. The more dogs we can get northward, the more room our southern fosters will have to pull more dogs out of shelters.

If you can open your heart and your home to foster or even your pocketbook to saving these beautiful Southern Dogs, please call or write to the contacts below.

Monetary donations are always appreciated, please visit our website for paypal link www.pyrsandpaws.org
Lonestar Pyrs & Paws Rescue

PO Box 7.
Ascutney, VT
Phone: (603) 843-5319
Email: PyrsandPaws@Yahoo.com
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