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Testimonials from adopters...

"Hi there! We adopted Devyn the first week in November and are so happy we did! She has been the perfect addition to our family. She has so much personality which he caused us to give her a number of nicknames such as peanut and instapurr( she purrs the minute you pick her up!). She gets along with our dog and other two cats amazingly and we couldn't be any happier to have her in our home and our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!"


"Hunter is a fine dog, I am so blessed to have him. He is very grateful and shows you that though his amazing endless kisses. He now knows some sign language such as sit, down,stay and come. He will tag my hand with his nose for a treat any time I ask. He is off the leash but never leaves me out of his sight. He is learning how to fetch the ball and bring it back. He loves to be brushed and shows you how much when he starts drooling. He loves his crate at bed time and when I have to go out to run errands but recently he has been trusted in the house to keep an eye out on things while I am gone for a short amount of time. He is still trying to drive our vehicle while I am the pilot. One day he insisted at the bank he could drive home. He turned on the wipers, honked the horn and let everyone know the vehicle had working hazard lights. We are still figuring out what the back seat drivers responsibility is about. He will learn this too. He is eager to please! Thank you all at SPCA pope memorial for this awesome dog!"

Adopting A Friend

The Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County has an interest in ensuring that pets in our care are placed with a family that will be in their forever family. We ask that the applicant complete an adoption application prior to visiting the pet of their choice. Each application must meet the approval of Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County policies prior to adoption.


Adoption Fees


Kitten (under 1 year) - $175               

Adult (1 year through 6 years) - $125

Mature (7 years to 12 years) - $100        

Senior (over 12 years) - $50


Puppy (up to y year) - $375                             
Adult (over 1 year) -  $300                               
Senior (over 8 years) Large Breed – $175               
Senior (under 30 pounds and over 12 years) Sm Breed – $175    


Small Animals
Small Rodents $10     Rats $10     Guinea Pigs $25     Rabbits $50
Ferrets $75     Small Birds $25      


Senior Citizen Discount
For those who are 62 years or older $25 off any Cat or Dog Adoption.

Military Discount
A discount of $25 off from a dog or cat adoption fee will be given with a proof of military ID.


Adopters are encouraged to bring a leash when adopting a dog or puppy.

Adopters are encouraged to bring a cat carrier when adopting a cat/kitten or you can purchase a cardboard cat carrier from the Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County.

Who We Are

Mission: Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County is dedicated to caring for abandoned and homeless pets, protecting and advocating for pets in need, and promoting the humane treatment of all animals.

Vision Statement: Pope Memorial SPCA of Concord Merrimack County envisions our community to be a safe haven for animals, where the animal-human bond is nurtured and all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

The shelter strives to place homeless animals in loving homes that are committed to their lifetime care. This goal is facilitated by medically and behaviorally evaluating all animals, providing necessary veterinary care and working closely with applicants to ensure a successful match.

We do not euthanize animals for time or space, and many stay with us for weeks or even months waiting patiently to be adopted.

Come Visit Us

Hours of Operation
Tuesday 12-5 pm
Thursday 12-7 pm
Friday 12-5 pm
Saturday 12-5 pm
Sunday                12-5 pm        
Pope Memorial SPCA
94 Silk Farm Road
Concord, NH 03301
Phone:(603) 856-8756


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