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Who We Are

We cover the states of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. We take Jack Russells into our care who have been abandoned, relinquished by their owners or brought to shelters as strays. We provide the terriers any needed veterinary care and place them in a foster home. We are not a shelter but provide foster care for the dogs until they have their forever home. We do not have a shelter facility. In foster care, we try to find out as much as we can about the terrier's temperament and about any special needs it might have. We socialize the terrier and work on house training. The dog remains in foster care until a permanent, loving home can be found. Foster dogs are in various locations so please call/email for information on a particular dog. During 2011 we rescued 16 dogs and adopted out 23.

Adopting a friend

Terriers are only placed in approved homes. We require anyone interested in adopting to complete an adoption application. We match potential homes with terriers based on the information in the application and with what we have learned about the dog. We may ask for a home visit or, if that is not possible, a photograph or video of the dog's prospective home. Rescue is a volunteer organization and relies upon donations and adoption fees in order to continue our efforts. All dogs are neutered/spayed before adoption. We ask new owners for an adoption fee to cover veterinary costs, foster care expenses and any fees paid to shelters upon rescue. Adoption fees are $160.00 for dogs over 1 years of age and $175.00 for dogs under 1 years of age. New owners must sign a contract that states the dog will be returned to the rescue if it does not work out for any reason.

Jack Russell terriers are wonderful dogs, but they are not well-suited for every home. Television has given a false picture of the temperament and activity level of the Jack Russell. Jack Russells are bold, assertive, extremely active, intelligent, vocal and always moving. They require a considerable amount of exercise. Despite their small size, they need a home with an active lifestyle. Jack Russells are a big dog in a small package. A fenced yard is a good requirement. Jack Russells are avid hunting terriers that require a great deal of interaction with their human companions. They do not fare well left alone for long periods of time without adequate mental and physical activity.

Jack Russell Facts

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JRT Rescue

Omaha, NE 68154 Location of facility to view some of my dogs: Town and Country No Kill Shelter at 14110 South 84th Street, Papillion, NE 68046. Dogs can be viewed but adoptions will come through JRT Rescue
Phone: 402.963.9722
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Nebraska Rescue Council - Saving Animals Together Green Chiropractic is Located in West Omaha at 184th and W. Center Directly in Front of Lowe's 933-5392. If you visit them please tell them JRT Rescue sent you. **JRT is also thankful to a grant from Maddie's Fund, The collection and publication of this data is sponsored by Maddie's Fund (registered mark). Please email me for the 2013 annual statistics. During 2011 we started with 3 dogs and with adoptions and such we ended the year with 2. In 2013 we started with 4 dogs and ended with 5.