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Adopt-A-Dog Animal Rescue, Inc. is now a non-profit organization. We have our 501c3 and we are incorp. and have a mission statement. Adopt-A-Dog is trying to raise money to build a brand new shelter, on its own land. This group was formed to get a Animal Rescue shelter built to help with the unwanted strays and educate the public and sponsor SpayDay programs. This shelter will be the only one of it's kind in our area, that we are aware of. We have purchased land to build this shelter on and now we are applying for grants and having fundraisers to raise enough money to see this building finished and workable. Adopt-A-Dog is asking for donations from all over this community. And to most of the Grants we can find. This is a great shelter we are building and one that this area can be proud of. So now is the time to donate to this wonderful cause and building, and be aprt of the group that is here to save animals and at least give them hope of finding new homes. All funds can be sent to the, Points West Community Bank in Chappell, NE 69129, just put rebuild fund Adopt-A-Dog Animal Rescue, Inc. and it is tax deductible. On Jan.16, 2010, the animal rescue here in Chappell burnt down and like a pheinox out of the ashes will arise another Animal Resuce shelter to carry on the Rescues that are so much needed here.


Adopting A Friend

We want you to look through all of the animals that the shelter has and visit with them and see if your personalities match and see how they get along with family and maybe other 4-legged members of the family. spend some time with them and then if all looks good, you would fill out paperwork and pay an adoption fee and take the pet home and in a couple of weeks we will call you or you call us and we see how all is going with your new member of the family. We may even require a home visit.

Who We Are

We are a group of 4 people who wanted to start a shelter after the one was burnt down and put this shelter on its own land and have it's own area and do its own thing. We are here to take in cats, dogs and others in need of a home for a short time. We are wanting to go to schools and educate the kids on caring for the animals, and why they need fresh food and water and they should be spay or neutered. How to groom and exercise them. And we are here to provide our area with a spay and neuter program for our community to use and feel good about their animals. And we have so many volunteers that are backing us, we are on facebook and you can keep up with every day progress, we are wanting to send out newsletters if enough are interested. This group of people may be small but we are strong willed and very driven to this goal....

Come Visit Us

We would love to have you visit us and adopt an animal or at least love on them and pet them. Show them that people are good and kind.

Come visit us at 16730 Hwy 30. You are more than welcome to visit the dogs and cats we have right now, just call and we will make arrangements. (308) 566-0208

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