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s. We take Border Collies and Border Collie mixes that are in a life-death situation.

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My name is Rhain, which is Welsh Celtic meaning "lance", implying a brave warrior. I came into rescue as "Frank", and I'm an 8 year young purebred tri-color BC. I am a sweet guy and I'm learning what a great thing ‘pets’ are. I will get closer and closer and nudge my head in people's hands for them to pet me. I have heard them say my eyes are so soft and my coat is beautiful. An outside pen on a farm was my home for the past 8 years. I have no known medical problems. I have been in the house since one week after coming into foster care and only have had a few accidents. Although I prefer to be safe in my crate, on a rare occasion I will eat breakfast or dinner with the other dogs. My foster mom has a friend who brings her dogs over. One of the dogs is an 8 month old rat terrier and I love to play with her! Now I have other puppies I can play with who are being fostered with me. So far they are the only ones that bring out the ‘bark’ in me. I am still not comfortable with hanging out in the living room or outside for too long. There are lots of noises that make me nervous. I am doing much better on a leash however I still pull to go back inside as fast as I can. Rhain is so tolerant and playful! Check out his video! (click below) We require a completed adoption application, we check references and we do a home visit. We also ask for a $180 donation.

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