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Weimaraners aren't for everyone, they can be demanding, energetic, loving, and be the best friend you will ever have! Its through all this that our rescue group was formed. We band together for the love of the breed, and the lessons that can be learned from one another.

After entering our rescue program, our Weimaraners are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested (and given monthly heartworm preventative While awaiting adoption, most of our Weimaraners live in foster homes throughout the four states we cover, where we attempt to evaluate their temperaments, learn their behavioral quirks, and work on basic manners and obedience.

We endeavor to place each Weimaraner into a home best suited for that individual dog. Factors we take into account include the dog's reaction to children, other dogs, and cats. We carefully screen all applicants as we want to ensure that each adoption is a good match and provides a permanent home for the dog. It is our desire to maintain contact with our adoptive families and encourage them to contact us in case of any questions or problems.

If for ANY reason the Rescue Weimaraner is not working out in its new home, we REQUIRE BY CONTRACT that the dog be returned to us. Upon return, we re-evaluate the dog and possibly consider placement into a different, more suitable home.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we place our Weimaraners into a home where they will be forced to live outside. We consider ALL Weimaraners indoor house companions. It is our most heartfelt desire that all of our "kids" be adopted into loving homes and be accepted as part of the family on a permanent basis.

Adopting a friend

An application MUST be completed to begin the placement evaluation process. Please e-mail us to have an Adoption Application e-mailed to you. We will be happy to consider out-of-state adoptions to the right family, however you MUST be willing to come to the dog to pick up your new family member.

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Heartland Weimaraner Rescue
7805 Lee Drive
Pleasant Valley MO 64068 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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