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We prefer you come to Heartland Cats to meet our cats. There is a form you will need to complete and should you decide on a cat there may be a 24 to 48 hour wait period. While there is no adoption fee, we can always use big or small donations for veterinary care, food and litter. We reserve the right to deny adoption privileges at our sole and absolute discretion for any disclosed or undisclosed reason.


You can contact us by sending an email to: heartlandcats2010@gmail.com



Who We Are

The purpose of the Heartland Cats is to work with the community, local shelters, rescue groups and veterinary offices to take in cats that might otherwise be running out of options due to medical problems and/or space constraints. 

Build and maintain a true “no kill” environment for cats

Provide our cats the same quality medical care that we want for our own pets.

Partner with other community organizations to maximize lives saved.

Educate on responsible pet ownership and the value of cats.

Increase the number of adoptive homes through innovative placement strategies.

Offer affordable spay/neuter programs and services to eliminate feline overpopulation.

 Provide a safe haven for cats in need of long term and/or hospice care. 

Proactively educate the public and generate positive participation in defining and offering solutions.


Provide assistance and leadership in organizing similar organizations.

Offer foster care for cats belonging to area military members deployed to serve our country during the time of war/disputes.








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Check out our website at http://www.heartlandcats.org


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