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Our adoption process entails a home visit, reference check, and meet & greet. This process can take anywhere from one to six weeks. Please be patient during this time and understand that these measures are in place to ensure that both you and the dog are the best match for each other. 


We vaccinate, vet check, and spay/neuter (whenever possible) every dog prior to adoption. 


Adoption fees vary depending on age and breed; it goes directly towards (but by no means covers) the cost of caring for the animal, both medically and otherwise.


If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please visit our Facebook page for a downloadable adoption application. If you like, we can also email you the application in Word format. 

Who We Are

Pawsitive Endings was founded when the need for a dog rescue in western NE became great.  Many highly adoptable dogs and puppies were being euthanized simply because of space.  We take in owner surrenders, shelter dogs, and strays.  


Pawsitive Endings is only successful because of the people that are involved! We are a 100% volunteer-based rescue. Our dogs are never placed in kennels, only in foster homes, where they are rehabilitated, house-trained, socialized, and loved.  

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